Those Boots Were Made For Walking…

Today was a day of mixed emotions. Today I collected a new pair of boots that I bought to replace an old pair.

You know when you find that one item of clothing or that one pair of shoes that you become so attached to, you can’t imagine not having it? Well that was me with these boots.

Almost three years ago I found the pair that I’d been looking for forever. Not cowboy boots, but workboots. As soon as I bought them, I was totally in love. They were from Next. They were tan in colour and they cost me £75. They have more than paid for themselves since. Several times over. We were perfect together.

It went on like this for just over two years. But then I started to notice that they weren’t their normal self. They were starting to look a bit old and tired. Still oh so comfortable but not as perky as they used to be. They looked almost sad. This made me sad. Then their heels started to crack & a piece broke away. I knew the end was nigh. I came to terms that I needed to find, dare I say it, a replacement.

So, I began to look. But there wasn’t any that lived up to my babies. I even tried eBay to try & find some exactly the same, but clearly nobody wanted to sell them. And quite rightly so! It would be sacrilege!

Time went by and I was no further forward. And all the while I was still wearing my old faithfuls. Hoping all the while that a miracle might happen & I would wake up to them having had a new lease of life overnight. It didn’t happen. I got my Dad to attack the heel with glue, to try & prolong their life. It worked! I was so happy!

Shortly after this mini life extending operation, I was browsing the Next website & came across some boots that looked very familiar. Doesn’t that always happen when you’re not looking properly?

They were extremely similar to my beauties. Not quite the same. But they could, indeed have been cousins. Definitely the same family. A younger relation of course. I realised then that this was it. It was now or never. Again they were £75 and I HAD to have them. So I ordered them & it said that they’d be delivered to my local store within three weeks. My old ones could last that long couldn’t they?

This morning I was looking them over & low and behold, a small piece of the repaired fabric fell away in my hand. It was another sad moment. But it was like they knew. Because a few minutes later my iPhone bleeped with an email. Uncanny. It was Next to say that my new boots had arrived in stock and were ready for collection. I had a rush of excitement, but then immediately felt sad as I looked at the oldies on the floor.

I pulled them on for one last time and went to town to collect my purchase.

I do love my new boots. Really I do. They are as close as I was going to get in terms of style. They’re not quite the same and I don’t feel quite the bond as I did with the others. But that may come with time. Eventually.

I’ve waited for the right ones to come along, so will give them the chance. I’ll be happy that my old ones are sitting in my shoe cupboard, on standby, should I need them.


You can find these Next Tan Work Boots on their website by clicking here.


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