Crazy busy & itching to write…

Since having my bloggy confusion last week, I appear to have gone from one extreme to the other. The ‘notes’ app on my phone is filling up with ideas for posts but I seem to have lost this week in the blink of an eye. And alas, I’ve had no time to write a damn thing! Very frustrating as I have one in particular that I’m itching to get written.

I appear to have gone mascara crazy this week & yet I’m still to find my mascara match made in heaven. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. I can’t quite believe that all this time being an Avon Rep (for those that didn’t know, I’ve been doing it for eighteen months!) I’ve not taken advantage of stupid cheap samples & demo priced new items! What a wicked, wicked waste! Rest assured, hat’s changing. I already have my list for the next campaign order. I’m just hoping that the new mascara that’s released in a couple of months time, that’s costing me an extortionate £3(!!) will become my new best friend! Watch this space.

My new make up brushes arrived this week. All hail Real Techniques. I can’t believe I’ve spent this long without these babies in my life. I just can’t wait until I’ve got some time to have a good old play whilst stopping and starting my Pixiwoo videos at the same time. Yes. I’m really that sad. Whatever 😉

I’ve had some lovely compliments about my writing this week, which has been lovely. At least I know people aren’t reading my posts thinking ‘My God this is crap!’ Reassuring. So thank you. You know who you are 😉

Anyhow, this is just a quick post to keep my blog alive & kicking, as it were. There’s only so much you can type with one thumb on an iPhone before you get cramp. It feels like the longest text message ever. Why this blog posting technique I hear you ask? Well, that will be due to a baby snuggling sweetly in the other arm. And not only that but the hubby had just got home with a packet of Frazzles for me. My latest obsession.
But that’s a whole different blog….

Until next time 😉


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