Great Places to Raise Your Little Ones

Great Places to Raise Your Little Ones

When you have a little one, you automatically take on a new perspective of life. You’re not your own priority any more – they are. So it’s not all too surprising that you want to provide them with the best quality of life possible. One major thing that we provide them with which deeply affects their quality life is the environment we raise them in. Where they are raised determines factors ranging from their personal safety (both physical safety and social safety), where they will receive an education, what extracurricular activities they can take part in, what cultural values the acquire… the list goes on and on.


Where you live at the moment might have served you well as an adult. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best place for your little one to thrive in. Many of us stay put out of habit. But it’s important that you remember that the world is your oyster and now is a better time than ever to make a move for the good of your offspring. Now, you need to be open-minded in your selection process. After all, the place that you were raised or currently live in might not be the best for your child. There are so many places with all sorts of potential and the best place for your family might not be right on your doorstep. So, to get your thoughts heading in the right direction, here are a few different locations that you should seriously take into consideration.


Great Places to Raise Your Little Ones


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When we think of Southeast Asia, we tend to automatically think of a popular travel destination for gap year students and young adults. While Malaysia does provide for and cater to this age group, you should also bear in mind that it’s a great location for nurturing a growing family too! Now, this is a large area, covering a total area of 330,000 kilometres squared. So, we wouldn’t really have time in this one article to tackle all of the different cities. After all, you can’t generalise and it’s important to bear in mind that each region will have its own perks and cultural differences. So, for now, let’s focus on Kuala Lumpur – a capital city which claims the title of Malaysia’s largest city too!


Malaysia is (unsurprisingly) a thriving urban centre and many parents worry about introducing their children to the big city, never mind completely immersing them in it. But it’s important to remember that city living really does have advantages for little ones. Considering it is home to over 1.3 million people, you can expect to have all of the amenities that you could possibly ever need right on your doorstep. Where there are plenty of people, they are high-quality public transport services, high-paying work opportunities for you, top rated schools, and plenty of cultural activities such as museums, art galleries, and exhibits. A huge benefit of cities in general and Kuala Lumpur, in particular, is multiculturalism. With 1.3 million people comes a whole host of languages, heritage, religions, and other individual differences. This will help your child to become a more accepting and well-rounded person as they grow up.


Seeing as the national language is Malaysian, your little ones will also become bilingual – a huge advantage in the world (as they will be able to communicate with a wider range of people) and a desirable trait in anyone. Another thing that people tend to worry about when moving to a major city is whether they will be able to find large enough housing for a family unit. After all, space is tight and inner-city spaces tend to merely provide studio apartments or small apartments. But the average terrace house price in Malaysia is surprisingly affordable and you will have plenty of space to accommodate a family.


Great Places to Raise Your Little Ones


Florida, USA

If you’re a little reluctant to move to a country where English isn’t the main language, don’t worry. There are also plenty of major cities with English as the first language where you can raise your family too! Let’s take some American states into account. Many of us dream of moving to the USA, but with fifty states, it can be difficult to choose exactly where to go. If you’re looking for city life with access to beaches and a summer vacation climate, Florida may well be the place for you. Nicknamed the Sunshine State and located on America’s southeastern coast, this area is renowned for its beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, palm trees and people rollerblading down the seafront. It truly is everything that you could wish it to be!


Seeing as it attracts over 60 million visitors each and every year, the state is clearly a hit with people the world over. But you could realistically start to call this place home rather than merely thinking of it as a holiday destination. There is plenty of affordable, high-quality housing in the state. If you’re looking for a family home, you might not want to opt for Miami beachfront though. Do your research and work out where will be family friendly without charging extortionate prices. This is a huge state with various counties.


So which would we recommend in particular? Well, research neighbourhoods that are particularly family-friendly. You want a lively and social setting. Many homes come with pools, which are perfect for the beautiful weather and hot summer days. Your little ones will love the novelty of being able to swim in their own backyard. This will save you endless trips to the beach too, meaning you can save these trips for weekends or special occasions. A lot of the homes also have the option of coming fully furnished, so you won’t have the extra hassle of decorating and furnishing your new property. You can sell your old belongings and this will save you carting large and heavy furniture across the states too.



These are just two different areas that you might want to consider when rooting out the perfect place to raise your little ones. Both may seem like a big leap, but they’re definitely worth the effort!




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