Running Man Rob & The Birmingham Children’s Hospital…


I've written about my husband's wonderful(?!) running escapades on my blog before. A few months back I wrote Run Robert, Run Robert, Run Run Run… which detailed his mission to raise funds for the Sue Ryder charity.

Well now he's back at it. Yep, back at the training. Back out there in all weathers and back returning home all smelly and being sent to the shower to remove all traces of sweat before commencing with his husband and fatherly duties!

This year on Sunday, 19th October, my husband, Running Man Rob (cheesy but catchy!) is taking part in the Bupa Great Birmingham Run. It is the biggest half marathon in the Midlands and takes place on the streets of Birmingham City Centre. This year, his chosen charity is the wonderful Birmingham Children's Hospital.

He is taking part in this event alongside Birmingham Free Radio, where he first learnt about it. He has even appeared on one of their radio shows! Cool huh?! Needless to say, he is taking it very seriously. So… this is where my wittering on comes in.

The purpose of my latest ramblings, are because we kinda want to ask you for your help. You see, we're going all 'social media' on this fundraising campaign. Something we've never done before. In fact it will be interesting to see how powerful it can be. We've created a Facebook page and a Twitter account and will be updating it regularly with Rob's progress, both his training and the fundraising. We even hope to hold some kind of auction/competition in the coming weeks – the finer details of which are not confirmed yet, so bear with us!

So. We're asking, can you help? Please would you like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter? Please help us raise awareness for this awesome fundraising event? Help us raise money for that fantastic hospital and for those beautiful children, who need it the most?

The links you need are www.facebook.com/runningmanrob and www.twitter.com/runningmanrob.

You will really encourage him if you hop on over there and just click a few links. When he sees the likes and followers going up I can see the determination in his face. It's very sweet.

Rob also has a Just Giving page. This is at www.justgiving.com/robertjelley. We will be plugging this nearer the time, obviously. But if you're feeling flush and oh so genuine, we would gladly receive sponsors now.

So would you? I hope you will. It could make all the difference. Thanks in advance. You're ace.




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