Getting Your Local Community to Help With Charities

Getting Your Local Community to Help With Charities

When it comes to charity, even the smallest action can make a huge difference. However, it’s worth noting that it’s often far easier for someone to make a change if they work alongside their community. Communities that come together to help a charity not only create a bonding opportunity for locals within that area but also have more success when it comes to raising money and making a difference in what matters to them most.

Communities who work together to support a charity can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they’re improving the lives of others, one step at a time. The good news? Supporting a charity doesn’t have to mean handing over your life savings. There are plenty of ways a community can work together to raise money for good causes.

Fun and Interesting Ways to Raise Money as a Community

The greater the number of people that get involved with a charitable event, the more opportunities will emerge when it comes to raising money for a charity. Sometimes, you might decide to customise your charitable activities to the charity in question. For instance, you might have a sponsored boot camp challenge to raise money for Help for Heroes, where teams compete to overcome the challenges of an obstacle course. Alternatively, your solution might be all about having fun.

Here are just a few ideas of ways you can raise money and give back to charity:

  1. Have a Sponsored Event

A sponsored event can be a fantastic way to raise money and it can be as crazy or as tame as you like. For instance, you might sponsor someone to have their whole body waxed, or you could get as many people as possible involved in a sponsored run that takes place throughout your town or city.

  1. Hold a Charity Auction or Concert

Get local members of the community to bring together items they might be able to sell in a sort of car boot sale, designed to send all the proceeds to your chosen charity. You might even have people who make cakes, sell drinks and food, or design unique items at home. Alternatively, you could host a charity concert, featuring local talents from your area.

  1. Try a Raffle or Competition

Have a little fun with your charitable efforts and encourage people to purchase tickets for a raffle with a chance to win great prizes. The money that you raise through the sale of tickets can be donated to your charity of choice, along with any extra donations you might be able to get throughout the day.

  1. Encourage People to Volunteer

Helping charity can be about more than simply making money. Sometimes, all you need to do to help an organisation in need is offer your free time. Many groups could benefit greatly from a set of extra hands to help them organise things and make a difference to your local community. Find time to volunteer and get your friends involved too!

  1. Dress up Day

We’ve all had casual Fridays at the office where we pay a small fee to wear what we want to work, while our children have experienced the very same thing at school. This can be a fun and interesting way to raise money for a charity. From allowing people to wear whatever they want, to giving them a theme and running costume competitions, there are plenty of ways to make this idea even more exciting.

  1. Try a Charity Dinner and Dance

Finally, why not get the entire community together by asking people to contribute to a sponsored dinner and dance? People will pay for their tickets and get their food on the house. The proceeds from the night’s festivities can go to your chosen charity and you can get everyone involved, from local cooks to big community businesses and even singers from your neighbourhood.

Giving Back as a Community

We all know how wonderful it can feel to give something back, either by donating a little bit of extra cash when we can afford it at the end of the month or by volunteering our weekends to help out with a local cause. However, when you give back as a community you expand your ability to make a difference dramatically.

As a community, the opportunities to raise money for your chosen charity are numerous. In fact, even getting together as a group with some of the other altruistic people in your town to brainstorm ideas could be a great way to start building a habit of giving within your area.




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