Let’s have a catch up…

Let’s have a catch up…

Shall have we have that catch up now?

I left you back here in July, just a short while before we ran the Race For Life For Mum. I never gave the promised update. VERY poor on my part considering I built it up so much. Well, we kind of aced it to be honest. It was a stupidly hot day and the course was, in a word, ridiculous. It was more like cross country. But we got each other through it and crossed the finishing line after 37.04 minutes. Little EJ joined us to cross the line too. That was a special moment. We raised a grand total of £855 and were super pleased. We’ve said thank you to our sponsors a million times over but it never hurts to say it again. So, thank you. You’re awesome.


The rest of the year went by quite quickly. We did some more running for Cancer Research and appeared in the local paper. That was fun. But I’m sad to say I haven’t really kept it up. When the dark nights came along I struggled to get out the door and it’s just gone by the by. I’m going to make an effort to get back out there soon. Promise.

We had a few lovely days out. Including toddlers sponsor walks, visits to Wicksteed Park and local mop fairs. We took a short break down to Torquay aswell. It was cold but great to get away for a couple of days. I also got us a National Trust membership which is lovely to have. Off the cuff trips out at no extra cost is always a bonus. It’s nice to have the option there and the gardens are great in the summer. Perfect for little legs to burn off some excess energy. I’ll pop a few pictures down below. Pictures speak louder than words after all.

Hidcote Gardens


Hidcote Gardens


Hidcote Gardens


Father & Son

Family time at Wicksteed Park


Following the sunset


Torquay- building sandcastles in October


Tree lights in Torquay

It’s known here on my blog that my Mum went through chemotherapy last year. She had six courses and it was a hard and intense time for all of us. She really was a trouper and I’m pleased to say that that nasty part is over. Her treatment continues for the next two years with bi-monthly maintenance treatment. Thankfully it’s not quite as bad in terms of side effects in comparison to the chemo so it’s really nice to get more of the old Mum back. Complete with hair. It was a tough time and we are glad to see the back of it.

December arrived and saw our ‘baby’ turn THREE! I have no clue how that happened. It’s like I blinked and suddenly this little human who I once had to carry everywhere suddenly became this independent little boy. We had a small party with just family and he was, of course spoiled rotten with gifts and treats.

It was a Happy 3rd Birthday for our ‘baby’ boy!

Being born the week before Christmas means it’s a busy little time for Master EJ. Visits to Santa and his reindeer were booked and he got to meet the Big Man himself. We took him to Smart Trees near Pershore for a great experience. It involved travelling on a tractor and trailer through a forest of Christmas trees and  walking through a winter wonderland before finally meeting the man in red for a chat and a present. Truly magical.

Meeting Santa

And then of course there was Christmas. A wonderful time spent with nearest and dearest and a lovely break from work to spend with my little boy. Sadly the Mr had to work over Christmas but we made the most of the times we did have. The house has been taken over with new toys and old ones have been sent to people who need them more than us.

A Happy Christmas

That almost brings us up to speed. In the last week of the year EJ decided the time was right for him to shed the pull ups in favour of Big Boy Pants. I wasn’t prepared for that but we survived! He also decided he wanted a Big Boy Bed and so is now in his very own single bed. AND he started nursery at the start of the year. MY EMOTIONS CAN TAKE NO MORE. SLOW DOWN!! That kid is growing up to damn quickly.

I’ve spend most of January poorly sick with germs and snot being constant company but we won’t dwell on that. Anyone who is anyone seems to have had it so I know I’m not alone. It’s just more irritating and inconvenient than anything. I’m sure it will be gone soon.

So there we are. All up to date. I’ve probably missed something but you get the general idea. Sorry for the length of the post and the influx of photos. I just thought it was the nicest way to do it. Now I can start a fresh. Thanks for your time.

Much love



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