Hold onto your hats, I’m back…

I’ve been trying to come back to this blog for an age. It’s always been there and I’ve visited regularly. Pondered over old posts and cursed myself for not being able to write like that there and then. I’m not sure what happened. Well, I suppose I do. I got really busy with life and sadly it had to take a back seat.

But the busyness has passed by. The holidays have been and gone. I’m not planning on moving house again in a very long time and now the baby I used to blog about has turned into a walking talking toddler, I have a little more time for ‘me’. And you of course.

I’m not going to reel off a list of stuff that I’ve done this year because it would be nice to use some of that chatter to blog about down the line. I’ve got ideas lined up so I wouldn’t want to spoil them. My blogging mojo seems to have returned and I’m really trying hard. Harder than ever. I’ve started networking more, getting involved in chats on Twitter. Making time for me and my words and scheduling stuff. I always wondered how people had time for blogging so many times a week. Well I’ve learned their secrets now and in all honesty they’re probably as busy as me. But it can be done.

I’m excited about getting back into it and look forward to seeing what wonders I can produce when I give myself the time to do it.

I will be back. Promise.



  1. 14th July 2014 / 12:13 pm

    Looking forward to having you back hun!! 😉
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays…

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