The Music To The Story Of My Life – A Rose Tinted World

The Music To The Story Of My Life – A Rose Tinted World

Hello! Welcome to another instalment in The Music To The Story Of My Life series. This week we are looking at the choices from Jo who blogs over at A Rose Tinted World.


Over to Jo

I’m Jo, a 46-year-old mum to an almost 3-year-old toddler. I blog at www.arosetintedworld.co.uk about being an older mum, lifestyle and sewing. Amongst many other things.


Abba – Fernando

I was born in the early 70s, and ABBA had a huge influence on my early music tastes. The first song I ever sang or learned the words for was “Thank You for the Music”. We had all their records. But most importantly you can tell how important they were to me, as I named my first teddy bear after one of their songs. Fernando.


Wham! – I’m Your Man

As a teenager in the 80s I developed many pop star and film star crushes. But for many years my main crush was George. He just had such an amazing voice, and part of me still can’t believe that he’s no longer alive. At Uni I even had a full sized poster of him on my wall.


The Communards – Don’t Leave Me This Way

I enjoyed school, and did pretty well, but it was a long bus ride home on a night. The school bus would come, and would soon be crowded with girls. There was always someone with a boombox. On one memorable occasion, this tune was playing upstairs, and the dancing was so wild that the bus almost went over, going onto 2 wheels as it went round a bend. The driver went crazy, and turfed everyone off the bus. He definitely worked for the ministry of culture! Still a great tune though.


Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart

Going out at University we had some amazing nights. There was some fabulous music about. The Happy Mondays and the Shamen were in the charts. I had many strands of those ridiculous tiny beads we all wore. But this was and probably always will be one of my favourite dance tracks.


The Tamperer ft. Maya – Feel It

Then I left Uni and came back home. I used to love going out with my friends in Leeds. This was a great song at the time. It also reminds me of a nurse I had at the time who sadly died recently.


Annie – Little Girls

I often sang in karaoke competitions and singing shows. But started doing amateur dramatics as well. One of the first roles that I got in a company was Miss Hannigan from Annie.


Jane McDonald – Live At The London Palladium

The choir I sang with did a show with Jane McDonald off the telly. And she asked me to go work for her. I did cruises, tours and TV shows, working with her for 5 years. We even sang at the Palladium.

In the film of my life, this would be where the montage would be in the film of my life. Every film needs a montage. This is mine! (I’m the backing singer with long blond hair on the left)


The Verve – Lucky Man

And finally, I settled down. Met the man of my dreams. Had a baby. This actually was the song he played going home on the night that our little girl was born. It always gets me teary now.


Trolls – Get Back Up Again

Now I spend a lot of time watching children’s films. There is some lovely music from Disney. But this has a cracking video too. I love playing my little one the songs from my life.


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If you would like to take part in this series, please do email me at jaki@jakijellz.com or tweet me @jakijellz and I’ll send you over all of the information. In the meantime, make sure you pop back next week for the next instalment, from a fellow blogger. I can’t wait!



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Music To The Story Of My Life - A Rose Tinted World








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