The Music To The Story Of My Life – Yorkshire Mum Of 4

The Music To The Story Of My Life – Yorkshire Mum Of 4

Hello! Welcome to my first proper post in The Music To The Story Of My Life series. You can see the first edition that was all of my choices here, but this week the spotlight is on Gemma from Yorkshire Mum of 4.

Gemma’s blog is all about lifestyle and parenting. She has 4 children all under 10, she is married and is a trainee accountant. Gemma loves learning, finance, property and also karaoke.

Over to Gemma

I am Gemma from yorkshiremumof4.com and this is the soundtrack to my life.

2 Unlimited – No Limits

My first thoughts or memories as far back as I can remember when I was around 7 years old and my grandparents used to take us to Blackpool each year. I remember them playing this song and similar ones when my grandad used to take me on the Big wheel on the central pier. He passed away a few years ago but whenever they have these type of songs on the radio or on throwback Thursday on Spotify I always remember.


Steps – 5,6,7,8

I remember when I was around 10 and me and my friend Emma used to read the lyrics from the inserts in CD’s and one of them had dance moves on so we spent many an afternoon dancing in our bedrooms and practising the songs and also actions to each dance. We spent loads of time making dances to the Woolpackers, Steps and also S Club 7 as well as traditional dances with their own moves such as Whigfield and Black Lace.


UB40 – Red Red Wine

When me and my brother were around 14 and 10 respectively my mum took us both on holiday to Greece when she split up with our dad. We met a lady called Debbie who also had a daughter my brothers age. One night we went out for a meal and some drinks and then back to our resort to play bingo and do some dancing on the site. My mum and Debbie got so drunk on red wine every time me and my brother hear this song it reminds us of then, she even has it as her ring tone now.


Sam Sparro – Black and Gold

When I was pregnant with my first child Bradley who is now 10 he used to always kick when I had music on in the car, especially to Sam Sparro – Black and Gold. It became my favourite song for a while while he was in my tummy as I loved feeling him kick. It is amazing when your pregnant for the first time and you feel the kicks, such a surreal and special moment.


Frank Sinatra – My Way

When my grandad died it was the closest family member I had really lost as I spent every Sunday with him since I was a little child. I did a eulogy at his funeral and I cried a lot. He did so much for me, helping me with school work, always explaining things to me, taking us out every weekend, every year on caravan holidays and nothing was too much trouble. So this is the song they had at his funeral.


Roy Orbison – Penny Arcade

When I met my husband on the night we met amongst friends of friends on the Westgate run we walked past one bar and this song was playing and everyone pretended they didn’t know the song but it is one that always gets me singing and dancing. I still don’t know whether they actually don’t know it or they were lying but I always remember that night and I love the song, and I cannot believe anyone hasn’t heard it.


George Michael – Amazing

I asked my husband to pick a song for our wedding that reminded him of me and that said the way he felt about me. We were married, bought a house together and had a baby within 3 years of meeting. I think when you know you just know. We have the kind of relationship where we can stay up late in the night and talk about nonsense, like the other week when we discussed the pros and cons of coming back as a Penguin. That would only work with him, I couldn’t imagine that discussion with anyone else. So this is the song he chose.


So essentially those are my most memorable songs for the last 29 years. Thanks for reading.


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If you would like to take part in this series, please do email me at jaki@jakijellz.com or tweet me @jakijellz and I’ll send you over all of the information. In the meantime, make sure you pop back next week for the next instalment, from a fellow blogger. I can’t wait!



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Music To The Story Of My Life - Yorkshire Mum Of 4









  1. 7th December 2018 / 7:16 am

    Great selections! I love the memories behind them its amazing what a song can evoke xx

  2. 11th December 2018 / 7:56 am

    What a great range of music! I love how evocative music is and how it can transport you back to a specific moment. #triumphanttales x

  3. 11th December 2018 / 2:21 pm

    love this series. Its amazing how certain songs can bring you to certain points in time. I was just talking the other day about how much you can learn about somebody by their favorite songs and the music that really has meaning for them #triumphanttlales

  4. 11th December 2018 / 6:40 pm

    Love how different songs and music can mean so much to different people #triumphanttales

  5. 11th December 2018 / 7:24 pm

    What a lovely post. It’s funny how music marks moments in our life – often unchosen, they just are. #TriumphantTales

  6. 11th December 2018 / 9:41 pm

    Some lovely selections. Always enjoy seeing what other people choose! #TriumphantTales

  7. 13th December 2018 / 2:26 pm

    Gemma and Jaki, that was a fun post. And such a variety of songs! I love the way a song can bring up such clear memories. Jaki, thank you for hosting #triumphanttales.

  8. 14th December 2018 / 7:34 am

    What happened to S Club 7 – loved their music #TriumpantTales

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