Visiting Anglesey

Visiting Anglesey

I went to Wales as a child, but haven’t visited since. It’s up there on my list of places in the UK that I want to visit, but in particular, visiting Anglesey is something I want to do in the not too distant future.


Anglesey is an island off Wales’ northwest coast. It’s best known for its wonderful beaches and various ancient sites. It is the largest island in Wales and is actually the seventh largest in the British Isles. The island’s entire coastline has been designated an area of outstanding natural beauty and features many, many sandy beaches.


Take a look below for some ideas of things to do should you be visiting Anglesey any time soon.


Stay in a home away from home

If your accommodation is nice, it’s always a great start to your holiday. There are plenty of options available from bed and breakfasts to hotels, to caravan parks but if you like a bit of luxury then self-catering cottages would be a fabulous option. You can be free to come and go as you please and still have that feeling that it is a place to call your own for the duration of the holiday. Staying in, in the evening wouldn’t be a chore when you have home comforts at your fingertips. I think I know which option I would like to go for.


Angelsey cottages


Adventure boat rides

Once you are all unpacked and settled there is a multitude of things for you to do in Anglesey. If you are of the adventurous kind, you can take an adventure boat ride. RibRides are available for all of the family from the ages of four upwards and no prior knowledge of boats is required. There are options for chartering a rib for the day to go around Anglesey or you can choose to chill out on a secluded beach. The choice is yours.


Anglesey Sea Zoo

Who doesn’t like a trip to the zoo? Suitable for all of the family, Anglesey Sea Zoo is Wales’ largest marine aquarium.

You can get up close to marine life with daily talks and feeds with the zoo’s biologists. Watch live diving displays and later this year you can even have a go at Virtual Scuba Diving, or take to the ocean for real on a Sea Safari!

With everything you expect from a marine zoo, there is also lots for the children to do outside too. From bouncy castles to crazy golf to a pirates playground. The Anglesey Sea Zoo will be a surefire hit for all of the family.


Coastline walks

As I mentioned earlier, Anglesey’s coastline is a designated area of outstanding natural beauty and what better way to take in the breathtaking views than to take a walk or tow along the coastlines? Pack up a picnic, put on some comfortable shoes and clothing and go on a bit of a hike. It’s the best way to see the sights and get all of those fantastic photos as you go. Just don’t forget your camera!



Photo © Phil Champion (cc-by-sa/2.0)


Head to the beach

Anglesey has some of the prettiest beaches in the UK. If you fancy a day down by the beach then you can’t go wrong by picking one along the 125 miles of coastline!

Take a blanket or deckchair and lounge on the beach or try your hand at something more adventurous like sailing, surfing, kayaking or coasteering. Either way, you’ll be in beautiful surroundings, so it’s whatever takes yor fancy!


Visit Foel Farm Park

If you have little ones then they are sure to love Foel Farm Park. They can feed the animals undercover and outside, dependent on the weather. In the spring and early summer, they can even bottle feed newborn lambs. There is a tractor & trailer farm tour available and a mini-trailer ride with a quad bike too! All of this along with the traditional coffee shop and gift shop, so there can even be a treat for them at the end if they have behaved themselves!



Anglesey certainly has a great deal to offer all of it’s visitors and you will only come away with a whole bunch of memories and the desire to return. What are you waiting for?



Have you ever been to Anglesey? Perhaps you can recommend some more things to do and places to visit? Let me know in the comments.




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