Singapore – An Excellent Family Holiday Destination!

Singapore – An Excellent Family Holiday Destination!

Have you ever considered visiting Singapore as a family holiday destination? Yes, it’s a luxury choice, which costs more than a fortnight in the med, but there is plenty to do for families and so much to see! In recent years the world has become much more accessible to families and airlines are chartering planes to destinations that were once too expensive to travel to. Destinations like Singapore were once only available to the very rich or business traveller, with the occasional overnight stopover en route to Australia and New Zealand. The doors are now open for us to discover what Singapore has to offer. You won’t be disappointed!


Where in the world is Singapore?

Singapore is an island-city state located just off Malaysia in the continent of Asia. The capital of Singapore is Singapore and the state is made up of 63 islands, the largest of which is Pulau Ujong.

The main religions in Singapore are Buddhism, Islam, Taoism and Hinduism. The official languages of Singapore include Mandarin Chinese, English Malay and Tamil.   



Singapore has a climate similar to that of a tropical rainforest, meaning that the country experiences high humidity and the temperature remains a steady 29 degrees most of the year. Although there are no distinct seasons, the monsoon season occurs November to January.

Choose loose-fitting clothes when packing for your family and be sure to include plenty of hats and sunscreen.   



You can fly to Singapore from the UK via Singapore Airlines or British Airways, to name a couple. The average flight time is 13 hours and it is possible to fly direct.


Getting around


excellent singapore transport systems  image


Singapore has an efficient, clean and fast public transport system. A subway train service called MRT (mass rapid transit), is inexpensive to use.  For convenience and budgeting purposes It is possible to buy family tourist passes, which will conveniently transport you to all the tourist sights using their extensive network of stations. The tourist pass can also be used on bus services. If you are travelling with young children you will have no problems accessing the public transport as the trains and buses are accessible to everyone.

Taxis are also available at many of the tourist areas and shopping malls. Try to agree on a price before embarking on your journey.




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The currency in Singapore is the Singapore dollar – SGD. Singapore has a well-developed banking system considering its size. There are many ATMs available and you won’t have any problems exchanging money. In fact, Singapore is a major financial hub. Most major credit cards are accepted in shops and restaurants.

Cost of living is high in Singapore and it has the reputation of being one of the most expensive areas of Asia.

You can make your money go further however by staying in the high-quality budget accommodation available, using the excellent public transport system and researching restaurants carefully.




singapore hotel


There is a wide range of accommodation available in Singapore, to suit all tastes. There are budget hotels and glitzy luxury hotels such as the famous Raffles Hotel.

Most visitors choose to stay in one of the central areas of Singapore, which allow easy access to tourist hotspots. The main areas include Chinatown, Marina Bay, Clarke Quay, Sentosa and little India. Each offers its own individual vibe and charm. Sentosa is particularly a great choice for families as it is jam packed with family activities and adventure. There are also stunning beaches, man made from sand imported from Malaysia. A chance to get your body beach ready with quality diet shakes. Attractions include Universal Studios, Underwater World and Skyride.



Singapore appeals to tourists of all ages and tastes as the vast number of attractions are so diverse. If your family enjoy experiencing culture on holiday, there are plenty of historical and cultural sights to visit. There are jungles to trek into and beaches to relax on too.


Here are some of Singapore’s top tourist attractions:


Gardens by the Bay

Top of everyone’s list of “things to see” has to be Singapore’s botanical Gardens by the Bay. It cost around S$1billion to create and features futuristic bio-domes, each replicating different climates. A skyway links the gardens featuring “supertree” structures. The whole place is transformed at night as the gardens come alive with twinkling lights within the trees and the fabulous Garden Rhapsody Show is performed.

Children will love the children’s garden, water playground and giant tree houses.


Singapore Zoo


singapore tiger


Singapore Zoo has been a tourist attraction for over forty years. There are over 2800 animals which roam freely through natural habitats.

The zoo is set in a rainforest environment and its “open concept” allows visitors the opportunity to really get up close to endangered animals, such as the white tiger.

26% of the zoo’s animals are on the endangered list and the zoo prides itself on conservation efforts. You can request to book behind-the-scenes tours.


Asian Civilisations Museum

The old colonial government offices are now home to the Asian Civilisations Museum. The museum explores the heritage of Asia and Singapore ancestors. Many artefacts are displayed some of which are around 1000 years old!.


What to eat

Singapore is a foodies paradise and is considered to be one of the top food capitals in Asia. Singaporeans are a little food obsessed. Food outlets range from amazing street food to Michelin star gastronomic delights.

There is a huge array of cuisines available including Chinese, Indian, Italian, Lebanese, Thai, Nepalese, Turkish and more.   




singapore shopping mall


As well as food another favourite pastime in Singapore is shopping, there are literally hundreds of shopping malls and Singapore could be considered to be one of the world’s top destinations for shopping.

The shopping malls offer a good mix of high street stores and designer shops.

If you prefer to shop away from the commercialism of the malls there are many bustling markets to visit.

Hopefully, this article has highlighted some of the charms Singapore has to offer the family tourist, there are many more.


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