Travel Guides – The Wonder That is Sri Lanka

Travel Guides – The Wonder That is Sri Lanka

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Situated in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a relatively small island yet blessed with some of the world’s greatest natural treasures that are beyond compare. After a long period of civil war and a devastating Tsunami, it is ready to welcome you with its tropical climate, golden beaches, wildlife-packed national parks, tea plantation, Buddhist temples and a glimpse of British colonial heritage. If you are not taking a Sri Lanka tour package, then possibilities are there that you will miss some of it.

A salubrious climate

Sri Lanka has a blissful tropical climate with variations. You can sunbathe in the golden beaches or relax in the cool breezes of the Hill Country in the same holiday. The weather in Sri Lanka is dictated by two monsoon seasons which brings rain to the west and south-west coasts from May to September, and the east coast and northern regions experience rain between October and February. December to March is the most popular time to visit as the climate is pleasant and you can enjoy the sun.

A lot to do

Sri Lanka is surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. The country is endowed with over a thousand miles of beautiful golden beaches that are fringed with coconut palms making it the ideal destination for a beach holiday. The beaches in the south and west are the most vibrant. The southern beaches around the colonial town of Galle are less crowded and are most suited for a leisurely vacation. However, if you are the adventurous one, looking out for excitement, head west.

History and heritage

If you select a tour package, it is most likely that you would be taken to some of the most beautiful heritage sites around the country. Sri Lanka has a host of world heritage sites that you should make time to visit if possible. These are the ruins of the ancient kingdom of Anuradhapura; the ruins of the successor kingdom of Polonnaruwa and the incredible Sigiriya Rock, which became a fortress in the 5th century. The entire city of Kandy with its revered temple is a World Heritage site as is the Dambulla caves and temples dating from the 1st century BC.

Galle Fort, which was built by the Portuguese in 1588 is number 200 on UNESCO’s list. There are two natural landmarks, namely the Sinharaja Forest Reserve and the Central Highlands (Peak Wilderness, Horton Plains, and the Knuckles Conservation Forest.) In short, anyone with a historical inclination will find Sri Lanka, which was colonized by the Dutch, Portuguese and British, fascinating.

Fascinating wildlife

Sri Lanka is Asia’s foremost wildlife destination and probably the best outside Africa. In fact, the country has been recognized as one of the ten global biodiversity hotspots in the world. There are close to sixty national parks and reserves situated all over the country, some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of their high biodiversity. Each one is unique and is home to exclusive species of fauna and flora. This little island is a birders paradise too! It is home to 439 species of birds, of which 33 are endemic.


Sri Lanka might be known for its stupas, beaches, and tea plantations, but it’s also crammed with adrenaline-packed activities. Why not try surfing in Arugam Bay, hiking the Knuckles Mountain Range or white-water rafting in Kelaniya Ganga, Kitulgala. Cycling holidays are also becoming increasingly popular with a number of tour operators offering customized tour packages.

Culture and food

Sri Lankans are an incredibly kind and welcoming people. The incredibly friendly locals make it a pleasure to be around. You won’t be hassled on the streets. It’s also a fantastic place to pick up precious gemstones. You can make your own choice without dealing with nagging shopkeepers.

The country’s culinary pleasures are wide and varied. Sri Lankan food is delicious, so make the most of it while you’re there. However, knowing where and when to find the good stuff may prove a harder task than you anticipated. Rice and curry, kiribath (Milk Rice) with Onion Sambola, sweetmeats like Kavum, Kokis, Asmi etc. and Kottu are some of the must-try items when you are in Sri Lanka.


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