Top Tips to Maintain Your Car

Top Tips to Maintain Your Car

We all know that cars are very expensive and so it is important that, as a car owner, you try your best to take the appropriate steps to increase your car’s life and make it look like new. With cars, the best way to save yourself money and keep your car in tip-top condition is preventative maintenance. Here, we are taking you through some of our top tips on how you can successfully maintain your car and get the most out of it.


Air Filter

Did you know that you really should get your air filters changed every 12 months or after every 12,000 miles of driving? Lots of cars tend to experience problems with faulty air filters and it is important that you don’t ignore this as it can lead to big problems with your air conditioning as no one wants to be breathing in the unhealthy air into their car! What’s great about this is that there is no need to go to your garage as you can simply purchase one from autoanything.com and save yourself time and money by doing it yourself. You could even check Auto Anything’s sale and see if you can get a good discount on one!


Fluids and Tire Pressure

The main components of your car are your tires and fluids and ignoring a problem with them can cost you in the long run. To check your car fluids, all you need to do is open up your car engine and detach the oil dipstick. Give it a clean and put it back in. Then, take it out again to see where the oil reaches to and whether or not you need to change the engine oil. This is also the time to check your power steering fluid levels and transmission fluid levels. Checking the pressure on your tires is also really easy and a gauge will do this for you. We would recommend doing this frequently to cause less wear on your tires.



Many of us will have been in the position where we really need to be somewhere, and then our car battery gives out. This is why it is important that you don’t ignore a low battery sign and have it checked regularly for any mineral build up or leakages.


Top Tips to Maintain Your Car


Windshields and Wipers

Windshields and wipers are something that we often tend to forget about in our cars, but you need to keep on top of cleaning your windshield to prevent any accidents from occurring. Not only that, if you live in a rainy climate then your wipers are vital. You should have them replaced whenever it is needed as using damaged wipers can cause you to scratch your glass and obstruct your view. This can then lead to even bigger costs if you have to replace your entire windshield!


Better Driving

Finally, the last tip we want to mention is less about checking the car and more about you! The way you drive is ultimately reflected in your car and if you are a reckless driver, you will cause more wear and tear to your car. Drive safely and sensibly in order to maintain it for longer.




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