7 Red Flags That Indicate the Presence of Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

7 Red Flags That Indicate the Presence of Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

There comes a time when considering a nursing home might be an option for an elderly loved one. It is important to do your research before choosing a home. Surprisingly, many nursing homes abuse their elderly by not providing quality care for their patients. Here are 7 red flags that may indicate the presence of elder abuse:


  1.    Regular Infections

If a family member is experiencing regular infections, this could possibly be a sign of poor care. Infections tend to occur more when spending a significant amount of time in confined spaces. Since elderly already have a lower strength immune system, they already are prone to getting sick, but this can be exacerbated by poor living conditions and exposure to contaminants.


  1.    Weight Loss

Another symptom of poor-quality living conditions is excessive weight loss. It is common for elderly people to eat less, and as a result, lose weight, but if you notice a loved one has lost a significant amount of weight, this should raise some concern.


  1.    Odd Nurse Behavior

In abusive nursing facilities, the staff may refuse to leave the patient alone with others. The caregiver is worried that the patient may expose the conditions to a loved one and in order to prevent that, they may insist upon being present at all times. If you notice odd behaviour like that from a caregiver, it may be a really strong indicator of abuse.


  1.    Excessive Injuries

Physical abuse is common in abusive elder care facilities. You could notice restraint marks on the wrist of the elderly or see excessive bruises and scars. If you notice any excessive injuries, it would be wise to investigate further to make sure that your loved one is properly being taken care of.


  1.    Financial Changes

The elderly are especially prone to be abused in a financial sense. It is not uncommon for money or valuable items to go missing from their room. Some other financial abuse might include frequent withdrawals from their bank accounts, or even ATM withdrawals that could not have been made by them.


  1.    Emotional State Changes

The behaviour of your loved one may change if they are being abused, causing them to become distant or irritable. If you notice any significant personality or mood changes, it could be a result of an abusive environment.


  1.    Status of Appearance

Noticing the physical appearance of your loved one and their level of cleanliness may also indicate an environment that is abusive. If you notice this or other signs of abuse, it is important to reach out to professionals like those at The Dickson Firm to help you fight against an abusive nursing home and put a stop to inhumane treatment of your loved one.

It is sad to know that people are willing to take advantage of the elderly, but it is something that is far too common and must be stopped. If you think that your loved one may be living in an abusive environment it is important that you seek counsel to figure out what the next steps should be. Everyone deserves to feel safe at home.




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