The Bigger They Are: Semi Accident Claims Require a Fine Hand in Court

The Bigger They Are:  Semi Accident Claims Require a Fine Hand in Court

Semi-truck crashes are quite a nuisance. Not only do they leave your vehicle completely totalled, they also force you to recover from all the trauma, all while not being able to attend work and pay your bills. If you don’t lawyer up as soon as you can, the negligent truck driver will try to find every excuse not to compensate you for your expenses, pain, and suffering. To make it easier to see why this is the only sensible course of action, let’s further examine the arguments that support the claim:


  1. An attorney is well versed in gathering evidence


Since human memory tends to get blurred over time, the witnesses need to be interrogated as soon as possible. You can try to do it alone, but just ask yourself this: do you really want to spend your time and resources chasing them down even though you probably don’t even know the correct interrogation techniques like a lawyer does? The answer is self-explanatory.


After getting yourself to safety, it’s best if you take some photos of the scene and leave the rest to your attorney and the police.


  1. Insurance companies are not your friend


They are a business, and as such, it’s a safe bet they will be looking for ways to deny your claims or pay you less than the case is worth. Don’t think they don’t have a legal representation of their own; not only that, given the numbers they’re working with, they have some of the best lawyers in the country on their team, all working together to take away your credibility.


In order to stand a chance, you need a lawyer who’s at least as experienced as they are. A general type of lawyer who’s only going to be learning on the job is not enough; you need someone specialized like an 18 wheeler accident lawyer or the one who has a long track record of dealing with similar cases.


  1. You may be entitled to compensation even if the fault is partially yours


Many people would make the mistake of believing that the case is lost if the police find them partially at fault. Well, as it turns out, nothing could be further from the truth. In most countries, semi-truck accident victims are entitled to compensation, it’s just that they often end up receiving less if the fault lies partially on their shoulders.


Without a lawyer, these things are hard to know. Even though you can probably read all about it online, the benefit of having these questions answered directly by a seasoned attorney simply beats all of the alternatives. That way, you’ll also receive first-hand guidance on which forms you need to submit and be notified of any deadlines, things to watch out for, etc.




Without being educated about how semi-truck accident law works, it’s hard to get anywhere. Why stumble in the dark if you can simply hire an experienced lawyer instead who will make sure that your interests are represented to the maximum extent? The last thing you want to do is to go up against the opposing side’s team of lawyers all on your own.



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