Standing Your Ground: Improving Your Lifestyle Without Moving Home

Standing Your Ground: Improving Your Lifestyle Without Moving Home

There are so many reasons to move home. But one of the main reasons that people find themselves packing up their belongings and jumping ship is the need for more room. Some will find that their family is growing and they are fast and things are becoming cramped. Others might find themselves working from home and needing a suitable office space. Whatever the reason, there are many ways that you can improve your lifestyle without the hassle of moving from a to b.


Why Stay Put?

You might prefer to stay where you are. If you have kids, moving can mean unnecessarily uprooting them from their school, friends and the home that they are used to. Moving home could also mean distancing yourself from your family and friends; it could mean a longer commute to work in the mornings; it means settling down in a new location and having to get used to a new neighbourhood. If you are happy with your current setting, you should start to look at ways to work with it, rather than walking away from it.

Standing Your Ground: Improving Your Lifestyle Without Moving Home

Creating a Plan

A first step towards creating your ideal home is to put forward a plan. In this, you will be able to identify any problems that you have with your current mode of living. Make sure to note down any gripes or qualms with your home, no matter how seemingly minimal. Eradicating problems, no matter how small, will make your day to day life more enjoyable and they may be much easier to solve than you’d imagine. Once you’ve decided on the changes that you want to make to your home, work out what you need to do to see them carried out.

Be Realistic

Chances are, you are not going to be able to convert a one bedroom semi-detached bungalow into a castle fit for a King with ten en-suite rooms and a sprawling veranda. Be realistic with your expectations. It is surprising how much a home can be changed, but remember to work within the parameters of your location and your budget.

Get Permission

When making major changes to property, you may require the approval of your local council. Make sure that you gain necessary permissions to alter your home before carrying out any work.

Work Out Your Finances

The main issue that springs to mind when people plan to renovate their home? The cost. But not to worry. We are well aware that everybody doesn’t have a lump sum of disposable cash to hand. But that doesn’t mean you should dash your dreams of a perfect home to the gutter quite yet. Money lending agencies such as Loans4u could be the solution to your cash flow troubles. Being accepted for a loan by a lender means that you can get all of the work done sooner rather than later and pay for it in regular instalments.

Carefully Consider Your Options

Sometimes there are numerous ways to combat a space-related problem within your home. A good example is the need of an extra bedroom. This could be combatted by dividing one large bedroom into two with a separating wall or a loft conversion, in which room is created in otherwise unused and wasted loft space. Weigh the pros and cons of different options up and settle on the most viable one for you.




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