Top Splurges For Potterheads With Pocket Money

Top Splurges For Potterheads With Pocket Money

If you’re panicking that the end of a studio tour will herald tears of longing to go back and do it all over again, worry not, as the shop might be the most fun part of all – and it’s the perfect finale!


Ask anyone who’s already experienced the magic and they’ll tell you that you can’t pass up the chance to explore the studio shop. As soon as you walk into what can only be described as the ultimate gift emporium, you’ll be reaching for a basket and trying to forget that you gave yourself a strict spending limit!


With a seemingly unending variety of cool souvenirs to choose from, you might like to give the following items a little extra consideration, as they’re super collectable and guaranteed to be thoroughly loved!


Hogwarts uniform. If you can enjoy a studio tour and resist the urge to buy a huge amount of Hogwarts uniform at the end, you have far more willpower than we do! Once you know which house you’re in, it’s only natural to feel some pride and a desire to wear your colours.


The studio shop is something of a serious school outfitters, with every piece of uniform imaginable available in all four house colour schemes. From Alice bands through to robes, neckties, Quidditch uniforms and even backpacks, you’ll be shocked at how much clothing you suddenly realise that you can’t live without. If nothing else, you’ll definitely want a house scarf!


Pin badges. Pins have been enjoying a serious surge in popularity recently, so be sure to grab a few Potter-specific items to add to your collection! Slytherins will be unable to resist the green-enamel prefect badge, but there’s something for everyone, regardless of house or interest level! Even people who are a little less obsessed with all things magical will find a pretty keepsake badge that they’ll want!


Sweet treats. One of the most fun elements of the Harry Potter stories is the vast array of unusual food, in particular, the sweets! Who can forget Harry generously buying everything from the Hogwarts Express snack cart, when he realised that Ron didn’t have much money? Or the excitement when Harry’s chocolate frog escaped out of the carriage window? Well, thanks to the studio shop, you can buy and try your favourite-sounding sweets.


Chocolate frogs, complete with collectible wizard cards, are in generous supply, as are Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, peppermint toads and a selection of sweets that are credited to the Weasley Brothers, such as Exploding Bon Bons. Thank goodness you can’t pick up any Puking Pastilles!


Fluffy familiars. Not everybody can welcome a rat, cat or even a massive owl into their lives, but the studio shop offers the next-best thing in the form of stuffed plush toys that look like popular familiars.


Whether Scabbers secretly captured your heart, Crookshanks made you melt or Hedwig made you happy, you can take your favourite furry or feathered friend home with you. Plus, you won’t have to worry about them being a secret evil Animagus or dying to protect you in a fight with Death Eaters. We’re still crying over Hedwig!


Christmas decorations. Finally, how about a few keepsakes with a festive twist? What could be nicer than picking up some glittery glass baubles, fully decked out in the house colours and crests of Hogwarts? Complete with ribbons and beautiful packaging, these little trinkets would make amazing Christmas gifts for fellow Potterheads who perhaps haven’t been on a tour yet!


We know that the magic of Warner Bros Studio Tours is to do with more than simply shopping at the end, but you can’t deny that towering mountains of super-cool merch will make everyone even more excited!


For parents on a budget, it might be fun to give the kids a set amount of pocket money, calling it Galleons, Sickles and Knuts, obviously, before letting the little ones choose what they want to buy. For adults with an unquenchable desire to own one of everything, just take your time and be really sure about what you can and can’t fit in your car. After all, it could be a long drive home for some of you, especially when being squashed by cauldrons, owls and bed linen!




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