“No Reason” Gifts to Show Your Appreciation for Your Partner

“No Reason” Gifts to Show Your Appreciation for Your Partner

With so much focus being placed on birthdays, holidays and anniversaries, we’ve become a generation who tend to only gift on dates that we are expected to. Though gifts on occasions are great, they don’t really come as a surprise. Sometimes, the gifts that hold the most permanent positions in our mind are the ones that come on a random date with no particular reason. These gifts really resonate with us. Why? Because it shows that the giver was thinking of you when they didn’t have to and when it wasn’t expected of them. So, perhaps it’s time that you treat your partner out of the blue. Here are a few great ideas for “no reason” gift giving.


A person can never have too many t-shirts (at least this is what the husband says!) They’re a wardrobe staple and can be worn for almost any casual occasion. They’re perfect for around-the-house wear, popping to the shops or nipping out for a coffee and a catch up with friends. Nowadays there are so many quirky designs and brands that you’re bound to be able to find something that suits your partner down to a tee (excuse the pun!). For high-quality shirts that will last the test of time and multiple washes, shop at Luc Bauer. This rapidly expanding company honour the humble t-shirt with timeless, awesome designs and impressive finishes. 



Chocolate will almost always go down a treat. So stow a box away and surprise your partner with them before settling down to watch a film for a cosy night in. Chocolate is something that can be shared and will bring you closer together. It is also packed with naturally occurring chemicals which promote happiness, so should bring a genuine smile to your loved one’s face. Any excuse hey?! If your partner is lactose intolerant or vegan, they will especially appreciate the effort of you finding a dairy free bar for them. 

"No Reason" Gifts to Show Your Appreciation for Your Partner

A Magazine Subscription

Save the weekly or monthly trip to the shops for reading material by signing up for a magazine subscription with your love’s favourite title. This way, their favourite magazine will be delivered to the door on its day of release, ensuring that they get their copy and don’t even have to step outside to go and get it. Convenience is bliss! If they’re not much of a reader, there are plenty of alternative subscription services out there, so you should easily find something that will keep them happy.


Flowers are a classic for a reason. They add a dash of colour to any living space and have a beautiful scent. They’re also a symbol of romance, love, and affection. So surprise your significant other with a bunch. Remember, flowers aren’t just for women! If you want something a little longer lasting, you could opt for a flowering plant instead. Try out peace lilies: they’re easy to care for and have beautiful blooms. I think even I could keep one of those alive…!


Now your imagination is stirred, remember to keep thinking up little surprises. These small acts of kindness will show your partner just how much you think of them, ensuring that they know that being out of sight during the day doesn’t necessarily mean that they are out of mind. Do you think I’ve dropped enough hints?!




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