Children’s Gifts On The Cheap: Moneysaving Tips For Buying Presents

Children’s Gifts On The Cheap: Moneysaving Tips For Buying Presents

Birthdays and Christmas can be expensive affairs for parents. Everyone wants their kids to be able to get the gifts they deserve. Of course you shouldn’t spoil your children, but you also shouldn’t have to resort to cheap and meaningless presents. Here are some ways to save money when it comes to special occasions and ensure that you can treat your little ones.

Get group gifts

If you’re a parent with large litter of children, don’t run yourself into debt with lots of individual gifts at Christmas. Two of your children are sure to have similar hobbies or interests that you can provide a joint gift for. This may allow you to buy bigger gifts such as games consoles and electronics. You can then try to personalise through smaller gifts (you should also consider group presents for any siblings with close birthdays).

You can also group-buy presents – get your partner, grandparents and other family member to chip in so that you can buy the big gifts. Some relatives may have no idea what to get your children – if they ask why not propose a small contribution to a big gift rather than making them resort to another box of chocolates, socks or toiletries.

Keep an eyes out for promotions

If you go online you’ll find all manner of discounts and coupons (for example, there are some sites that offer free Walmart promo codes). Embracing these will allow you to get the gifts you want at discounted prices. Newspapers, loyalty cards and sign-up sites may also offer various discounts and freebies, but be careful being sucked into too many schemes as you’ll most likely lose track (signing up to too many sites may also cause your inbox to become inundated with spam).

Moneysaving Tips For Buying Presents

Time it right

Don’t wait until the week before to buy presents. Plan out gifts for special occasions weeks before, if not months. This will allow saving time as well allowing you to make the most of times when there may be special deals on. Make the most of Black Friday and the January sales. Buy summer-themed gifts in the winter when they are cheaper and winter-themed gifts in the summer.

Look second-hand

Don’t buy consoles straight off the shelf. When it comes to electronics, there are many second-hand stores in which you can save a lot of money. You can also save money on other toys and clothes this way. Physical stores are sometimes more reliable than online shops as they allow you to see the condition for yourself. If you are buying online second-hand make sure that the seller provides photographs and ask for any details of use to get an idea of any potential damage.  

Compare prices

The last thing to remember when buying gifts cheaply is to shop around before you commit. There are comparison sites for everything nowadays – including toys – so take advantage of these sites. This is especially useful for big presents and is another reason why giving yourself enough time beforehand is important.


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