Hit The Road: How To Prepare For A Family Road Trip

Hit The Road: How To Prepare For A Family Road Trip

There’s something exciting about a family road trip, no matter where your destination may be. A long, or long-ish drive isn’t all about the destination anyway. It will mean some stops along the way, so it’s a few trips in one. Depending on where you start and where you end up, you could end up ticking off some places you’ve never seen.

Of course, the way you see a road trip depends on which word in the above sentence jumps out at you. “Road” conjures up images of acres of motorway stretching out in front of you. Or, more usually, lots of cars barely moving. “Trip” makes it all exciting, with thoughts of discovery filling your head. And “family”? Well, that part has its ups and downs.

Kids are always excited to see more of the world. This doesn’t mean you can pack them into the car and just go anywhere. The journey is exciting for them, but if it ends in a carpet store looking at swatches they will get bored. The other side is that they have less tolerance for dead time. If you’re stuck in traffic, you can use that time to make decisions. Kids, on the other hand, can get restless.

When it comes to planning a trip out, then, you need to consider all angles. The car will be your environment for the duration of the trip. To keep it all fun and uplifting, you need to be prepared.

Keep It Clean!

It may seem counter productive to clean out your car before going on a long trip. If you’re going to be spending a few hours in there, isn’t it going to get dirty again? But if it’s messy, then there is less leg room – and space is essential on a long-ish trip.

Another issue with mess is that too much clutter in a car doesn’t lend itself to well-behaved kids. Chaos on the seats leads to chaos in the air. If you check out http://www.plusvouchercode.co.uk/offers-discount-code-gtech-online.html, you can find options for car cleaning kits which will make this task easier. Of course, if you choose to do a road trip by booking minibus hire, you won’t have to worry about cleanliness. What’s more, both parents can take time to engage in onboard activities to entertain the children (more on this later).

Plan Refreshment Breaks

You don’t need to be a motoring enthusiast to understand that too much time spent in a car at once is a recipe for tension. Few of us deal well with having to sit rigidly for hours. It’s worse for kids, whose natural desire is to burn off some energy. If you have 100 miles of straight motorway driving ahead, stop off at services to stretch your legs and get a drink (and use the loo!).

It’s better if your route takes you through some towns and villages. Services are useful, but something more soulful and less neon is easier on the eyes and the brain. Also, things are likely to be cheaper in a population centre. Services take advantage of a desperate traveller by making food and drink at least 40% more expensive.

Let Me Entertain You!

As important as it is to stop off at regular intervals, you also need to make use of the time you spend driving. If your car has a Bluetooth receiver, it’s a great idea to download some podcasts or songs you can sync to the sound system. Podcasts have really taken off in the last few years, and there are some for every taste as this article of best podcasts demonstrates.

Download some kid-friendly ones. Then you’ll have something that holds their attention when the number-plate game loses its sheen. The verbal nature of podcasts also means they drive the conversation, which makes every trip a learning experience.


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