Daring To Dream: Holidaying in Bali

Daring To Dream: Holidaying in Bali

I’ve already mentioned in some previous posts of my huge desire to go to New York, but I wanted this post to explore a paradise. In this post I’m daring to dream about holidaying in Bali.

It’s not necessarily until you’ve had a child for a few years that you might start dreaming about the holidays that you once had. Or the holidays that you once envisaged having when you were older and had a bit more money to throw around (yeah, right?!) But then the kids came along and now the plans of blissful beaches and sultry sunsets are a distant memory and stored away in the file in your brain named ‘forget it, it’s never gonna happen’. You get holidays of course, but they may not necessarily be the kind that you imagined having once upon a time. The relaxing kind. But what if that wasn’t really the case? What if holidays that you dream of could happen?

I wanted to look into what was out there for families, and even couples who might be able to enjoy a getaway while the grandparents enjoyed a fun time with the grand kids.

Picture the scene

You’re lying on a sunbed on a white sandy beach with a cocktail to the side of you. You could be on any number of beaches in Bali. To name a few there is Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Dreamland and Bingin on the South coast. Travel North or West and you will find black sands for a less traditional way of envisaging your holiday paradise.

holidaying in bali

If you fancy venturing into the ocean you could enjoy some diving during your visit. Bali have amazing marine life with more than 2500 fish species and countless numbers of coral. The array of beautiful fish and stunning plant life is promised to amaze even the most experienced of divers.

More than just sunbathing

Whilst sunbathing used to play a huge part of my pre-child holidays, it’s always nice to get out and about and see the sites. Having investigated further there are huge amounts to do whilst in Bali. I’ve picked out three below that I like the look of. See what you think.

Bali Monkey Forest

This sounds incredible. I’ve always loved monkeys. This tourist attraction is basically what it says on the tin. A stunning forest that you can walk through and potentially see wild monkeys in their natural habitat. There are more than 600 monkeys in the forest!

It seems there are lots of do’s and don’ts for visiting the forest, which I suppose isn’t surprising considering you’re in their territory. While it might be a bit daunting to some, I love the sound of this and it’s certainly made it to my bucket list.

Bali Kintamani Volcano, Ubud and Barong Dance Full-Day Tour

It kind of goes without saying that Bali offers a lot of culture and this day trip looks perfect for first time visitors. With sites to see including traditional villages, rice paddy fields, a lake and volcano, it’s a day full of amazing sites. With a chance to witness the traditional Barong Dance which is said to be a dance that ‘portrays the eternal struggle between good and evil’. Watching it will feel like you’re a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of daily life at home.

Next you get to view an 11th Century Elephant Cave and then Mount Batur which is an active volcano! You can actually see the black lava running down to the valley below. Lunch follows by Lake Batur and then on the way back you stop at the Holy springs which are said to have magic healing powers.

holidaying in bali

Bali sunset dinner cruise

Various companies offer dinner cruises whereby you board the boat and take what looks like an amazing cruise where you can watch the sunset over the Bali coastline. Followed by a three course dinner of Indonesian or International cuisine and a lot of the cruises offer on-board entertainment in the form of cabaret and/or a DJ. It sounds like something that could be the perfect end to your holiday.

Where do I lay my head?

Accommodation is obviously an important factor when considering a holiday and this is something I always get really engrossed in when researching the location. I have got a little bit excited about this bit.

We all know I have a love for music. Well folks let me introduce to you, the Hard Rock Hotel Bali.

holiday in bali hard rock hotel

Yes this is the Hard Rock that we all know and love. With what looks like the most amazing rooms including a Deluxe Room, a Deluxe Courtyard Room, a Deluxe Premium Room, a Loft Room, a Deluxe Suite, a Deluxe KIDS suite (!) and get this a ROCKSTAR SUITE. Just look at it…

hard rock hotel bali

With seven restaurants, more entertainment than you know what to do with – including get this, a recording studio, a large bar with live bands every night, completely surrounded by Hard Rock memorabilia, and Hard Rock Radio Bali – a radio station that’s broadcast live throughout Bali. This hotel seems too good to be true and right up my street. If you fancy it yourself it’s bookable at traveloka.com who claim to do the Hard Rock Hotel Bali best rate. Got to be worth checking out.

hard rock hotel bali

If I wasn’t dreaming about holidaying in Bali before, I certainly am now and the thing is, it doesn’t actually feel impossible. Knowing that they are family friendly (I mean come on, a kid’s suite?!), it’s nice to know that maybe these kind of holidays could be part of our future. Who knows, maybe someday soon we could book a holiday and make the dream a reality.

Have you been to Bali? Go on tell me. Convince me a bit more that I need to go (like I need anymore convincing!!)


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