Wednesday Wisdom 3 – A Weekly Blog Quote Series

Wednesday Wisdom 3 – A Weekly Blog Quote Series

Week 3 – Handling the Pressure

Week 3 of Wednesday Wisdom. Here we are. Where is the time going? Thank you for joining me again for my weekly quote.

I thought a bit harder about this week’s quote. Last week was centered around something I was feeling quite negative about so I wanted to make this one a little more positive.

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of work I’ve had to do lately. Lots of wonderful opportunities are coming my way, but obviously this results in lots of work to do. Blog posts to write. Emails to send. Pictures to take, edit and upload. You know the drill. In all honesty I didn’t know where to start and I got a little panicky. So I wrote a list. A huge To Do list and bit by bit I ticked things off. I felt SO good.

So, it’s not what I had to do that was the problem, it was how I managed it. I took control, stopped panicking and with a bit of organisation, all was well and all was calm.

Exciting times ahead. Have a great week everyone, see you next Wednesday.

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