Giving the Gift of Knowledge – A Truly Meaningful Present

Giving the Gift of Knowledge – A Truly Meaningful Present

If you are reading this, the chances are that you have bought numerous presents for loved ones after much painstaking thought and consideration as to what they would like to unwrap. Material goods are fine, but does anything really top the gift of knowledge?

Quite simply, no, because with knowledge comes great opportunity. A new smartphone might mean that you can update your social channels, but a new skill can open doors that you once could only dream of. Whether that is learning a new language, training for a new career or just simply looking to increase your vocabulary, you will reap the long-term rewards long after that smartphone has been traded in.



Confidence is a major factor when it comes to learning something new. Sometimes, all that someone needs is a gentle push in the right direction to pursue their passion. If you know someone that is already talking about taking something up but never quite get around to it, why not gift them an introductory lesson or two?

In the present day, there are many places that one can look to purchase a voucher for lessons for just about anything. That means if you know of a wannabe golfer, chef or even a helicopter pilot, you can get them the perfect gift. Who knows what that might materialise into?


Teaching Others

When we think of gifts, we automatically think about a present that has been wrapped up and topped off with a shiny bow. There are many other types of gifts and, arguably, the greatest gift is the gift of knowledge – and the best way to share that is via teaching.

You may believe that it is only those with ‘teacher’ in their job title that can teach, but you would be wrong. Everyone has their own area of expertise that they can teach others and it is a rewarding experience. By volunteering, you can help to not only improve your local community but also to open up new doors for others who may otherwise not have been given the opportunity.


Books, Books and More Books

Books are the ultimate source of knowledge. Forget Google and other digital services, there is no better exercise for the brain than reading a book. As Joseph Addison famously said “reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” and he was right – without regular mental challenges, our brain will not perform to its full potential.

A good book makes you imagine a whole new world, challenges everything you thought you knew and keeps you coming back for more. Any bookworm will tell you that you only get the full picture through reading the book, rather than watching the film, which almost certainly misses out key elements of the story or mixes up the timeline of the story from the original.

For the reasons stated above, giving a book – or treating yourself to a few new titles – will make someone (or you) very happy indeed. Also, if your main goal is to increase your own vocabulary, reading books from different authors will see you soon pick up new words that you, or the giftee, can drop into conversation.


Price Tags Aren’t Everything

No doubt you have had the dilemma of making sure you stick to a strict budget and/or trying to spend roughly the same amount on everyone. Material goods often come with hefty price tags, whereas giving the gift of knowledge comes in considerably cheaper.


As far as meaningful gifts go, you won’t find anything better. While the latest gadgets and games are always at the top of the wish list, nothing is more powerful than knowledge.



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Giving the Gift of Knowledge – A Truly Meaningful Present




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