8 Reasons To Rent a Photo Booth For Your Event

8 Reasons To Rent a Photo Booth For Your Event

In the age of the selfie, printed photographs have an irresistible novelty. Instagram and Snapchat will never replace the comfort of looking at a photo album or framed portrait.


By tapping into the emotional appeal of a printed memory, any event will be easily enlivened by the presence of a photo booth. From weddings to company holiday parties, here 8 benefits of renting a photo booth for your next event.


  1. Easy setup. There’s no need to be intimidated by costly or difficult construction with a rented photo booth. Setup can take mere minutes with brands like SelfieFlash, which offers photo booths that arrive almost fully configured. Some packages even offer free assembly and dismantling for event planners that are short on time.


  1. Adds variety. In between dancing, dining, and drinking, event-goers will truly appreciate the opportunity to break off and snap a few photos with old or new friends. Photo booths encourage spontaneous fun that can be the difference between a mediocre or phenomenal night.


  1. Networking opportunities. At events where many people don’t know each other, the line to use the photo booth is an ideal atmosphere for sparking conversation. Whether you’re planning a big wedding or work event, the excitement of a fun shared experience will break the ice between guests of all ages.


  1. Flexibility. The flexibility of a self-directed photo booth is yet another reason to make a place for one at your next event. Guests will love the opportunity to be their own photographer, and the freedom will create a more carefree atmosphere.


  1. Professional lighting. No need to retreat to the bathroom mirror for the best lighting. Photo booth rental services offer professional and easily assembled lighting, so guests can avoid those dark and blurry shots.


  1. Creativity. From wacky wigs to geeky glasses, many photo booth packages offer an array of props and accessories to get creative juices flowing. There’s no need to rely on peace signs or bunny ears to make a photo interesting.


  1. Tangible memories. Securing digital and physical copies of your photo booth shots is extremely easy for hosts and guests alike. Most services will have a variety of options for easy photo saving, such as USB drives and online galleries. For instant enjoyment, make sure your photo booth includes a printer.


  1. Marketing tool. Photo booths can be a terrific way to advertise your business at a company or promotional event. Customize photo strips with your brand logo or upload them to business social media platforms.


A photo booth is an extremely low effort way to enliven and enhance your event. Guests will be easily drawn to a booth that is well placed and allows them to pop in and out without straying from the energy. Place the booth in an accessible and conspicuous area, such as in the main event floor or nearby hallway. With every use, the night’s memories will stay alive long after the event has ended.



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