40 Things That Make Us Want To Tear Our Hair Out!

40 Things That Make Us Want To Tear Our Hair Out!

I don’t know about you, but at this time of year amongst the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparation, I find myself getting quite stressed. Little things that only normally slightly irritate me, usually leave me feeling like I want to tear my hair out!

I got thinking about this on the drive home from work the other day when someone, carelessly overtook me on an icy road putting myself and other drivers at risk. It annoyed me so much. But I was calmed down when I saw that she achieved nothing because she then got stuck behind the car in front of me! It served her right.

I then got to thinking about the other things that wound me up, and so thought I would ask some fellow bloggers what leaves them feeling like they need to look into hair transplant cost because of sheer frustration! What fun this was, and I believe it was very therapeutic for all involved! I, therefore, give to you, 40 things that make us want to tear our hair out!

40 Things That Make Us Want To Tear Our Hair Out!

People that say could of instead of could have! – Katy, katykicker.com

My husband putting rubbish next to the bin but not in it!! – Kirsty, winnettes.com

I’m not sure this will go down too well-but people who don’t spell check before they post statuses or social media posts! – Jemma, mayflowerblogs.com

When it’s dark and people don’t pull the curtains when they have their lights on  – Beth, twinderelmo.co.uk

People that don’t say thank you. It really isn’t hard and I just find it SO RUDE – Sarah, surreymama.com

People standing around chatting blocking the corridors at school when I’m trying to get the kids to their classrooms. It gives me proper road rage! – Katie, mumof2point5.com

People who totally ignore pedestrian crossings. We have one in our local village that we have nearly been run over on, on many an occasion. So much so we have to stand there and wait like there’s no crossing there at all – Suzy, ourbucketlistlives.co.uk

Wet towels on the bed?! Why?!!  – Laura, savingsforsavvymums.co.uk

People who park in parent and child spaces at the supermarket and they DON’T EVEN HAVE KIDS!!!!! – Laura, fivelittledoves.com

Having to commute on public transport with people who have no manners or care for others! – Alex, bettertogetherhome.com

When my husband puts the greasy frying pan in the washing up bowl and contaminates everything with oil. It makes my soul seethe – Emma, readyfreddiego.com

This sounds a bit daft perhaps. But I cannot stand those little cardboard sleeves on DVDs. The DVD box is inside. It just means it takes longer to get to your film, and is a total waste of packaging. I throw them all away! AND!! It’s even worse when they try to make you believe something is a “special edition” because it’s cardboard sleeve says it is. Then the box inside the sleeve is exactly the same as the old one!!! Getting angry just thinking about it! – Donna, bobsysmum.co.uk

Dog poo left everywhere on pavements and especially outside of schools!  – Miriam, faithmummy.wordpress.com

My husband has the inability to close cupboards and turn lights off. My nearly 2-year-old goes around after him to close things! – Lyndsey, mehimthedogandababy.com

Drivers who don’t use their indicators grrr!! – Laura, mummylauretta.com

Treading on something wet and getting a wet sock. It fills me with unjustified rage! – Jennie, ricecakesandraisins.co.uk

People who send a thumbs up in reply to a message it grinds my gears.  – Lynne, adayinthelifeofamumof6.com

When driving and you pull in to allow someone right of way and they totally blank you and don’t thank you!!! – Claire, bumpsbabiestotsandteensmummydiaries.com

People who talk over you before you have finished speaking, or worse still … finishing your sentence for you ?! Also people who say anythink instead of anything … arrrgghhhhh – Vikki, familytravelwithellie.com

Half a job. My husband never does any more or any less than half a job. Forget it you knobhead I’d rather do it myself – Natalie, plutoniumsox.com

Being able to hear people eating! I know it’s mean but I can’t stand it and just want to punch them in the face  – Sarah, digitalmotherhood.com

When people slurp tea or coffee I hate it! Really winds me up – Lianne, anklebitersadventures.co.uk

People who walk past the clothes on the stairs instead of taking them up. Grrrrr! – Emma, themoneywhisperer.co.uk

When people don’t use apostrophes properly. It’s not that hard, people – Katie, squirmypopple.com

People walking slow in front of me and not letting people past  – Leanne, asliceofmylifewales.com

When someone puts the empty boxes back in the cupboard. Happens a lot at work…….. if you finish the teabags then put the empty box in the recycling and get a new box! It’s not difficult people! – Rebecca, becster.com

People who do not clean up their dog poop, I do not appreciate having to clean your dogs excrement off my buggy wheels because you can’t be bothered to clean your pooch mess. Even more so now my little boy insists he is capable of jumping every turd he spots, it’s an accident waiting to happen!!! – Heidi, southernmummy.co.uk

Noisy neighbours! I hate it when people don’t have consideration for others and yes, I speak from experience (unfortunately) – Emma, emmareed.net

Mummy shaming !! We are all doing the best we can, in one of the hardest dam jobs in the world. Why can’t people be more supportive rather than tearing each other down (rant over ?) – Claire, ourmummylife.com

Two faced people and the really negative people who always turn everything into a downside (when their lives are fine!) it’s like the only way they can be happy is to be miserable. I walk away feeling miserable because they see no upsides in life, they are draining and really bug me! – Charlotte, themummytoolbox.com

The toothpaste being squeezed from the middle! I spend every morning trying to sort it for it to be squeezed from the middle again! Grrrrr – Jo, pickleandpoppet.uk

My husband leaving his socks on the floor NEXT to the laundry basket. Every day. It’s just there, why can’t he put them in the basket?! – Sabrina, themummystylist.com

When you go to take one baby wipe out and 300 come out instead – Eileen, 2nerdsandababy.com

People that constantly say the word literally. There really isn’t any need – Pete, householdmoneysaving.com

One of my biggest peeves is littering, just keep hold of your rubbish until you find a bin or get home. It honestly infuriates me – Karina, mumsthenerd.co.uk

Oh my biggest annoyance is other people who comment on my parenting skills ? it’s been happening now for 3 years, and the ones that ‘offer’ parenting advice just as your child is mid-meltdown that’s always so so helpful ??? – Nicki, spectrumgirls2.com

Smoking in the entrances to shops. My son and I have to walk through a cloud of your smoke. Don’t make us have to do that! It smells awful and it’s so unhealthy. – Helen, naturalbeautywithbaby.com

When you trip or fall over and people see you and laugh, but it really hurts. It’s a very specific type of rage, because you don’t want to look like a bad sport but it REALLY hurts and you can’t help feeling like they’re being a-holes about it. – Kate, themumconundrum.com

Rude, rude people! Like the people who let doors slam in your face, walk at you like you’re invisible – Fran, backwithabump.co.uk

People who spit on the floor. It really makes me a mixture of cross and grossed out when I see people just spit on the floor and walk off. What is the need for it? Go spit in the toilet or into a tissue…or at least a bush – Becka, mummyest2014.wordpress.com


You may have noticed the excessive use of exclamation marks and emojis in these quotes. I purposefully left these in because I think it shows just how much these things have wound my fellow bloggers up! I have no doubt that some of you will have been nodding along with these most profusely, I know I was.

So now it’s your turn, what can you add to our list of things that make us want to tear our hair out? Let me know in the comments, let’s have a giggle together and feel some relief that we’re not on our own with the little things that drive us mad!



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  1. 14th December 2017 / 9:32 pm

    Okay I’m adding one… bloggers who haven’t set up their ‘share settings’ to include their twitter handle! aaargh! ooh that was like therapy…
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub, and for amazingly including not only your handle but hashtags too… star pupil 😉
    Merry Christmas!

    • Jaki
      15th December 2017 / 12:22 pm

      As a fellow linky host – I feel your pain!!! 🙂

  2. 15th December 2017 / 4:53 am

    Hilarious, and I love it! I hate so many of these things: “Could of,” incorrect apostrophes, non-existent turn signals, parent shaming. Now I’m all worked up and laughing at the same time! LOL!

  3. 16th December 2017 / 10:24 pm

    I found myself nodding to most of these! It has made me smile 🙂

  4. 20th December 2017 / 9:07 pm

    Oh my, I am glad I am not alone! I was agreeing with most of these and could feel myself getting wound up! #coolmumclub

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