Fine Finish: 3 Reasons Collectors Absolutely Love Single Malt Scotch

Fine Finish:  3 Reasons Collectors Absolutely Love Single Malt Scotch

Single malt scotch is becoming a popular option for collectors. While some scotch collections can run a pretty hefty price tag with some as dear as $300,000 for a 21-bottle collection that does not mean that that Scotch collecting is a hobby only reserved for the wealthy. There are many people who work regular, even blue-collar jobs that still invest in scotch collections.


Scotch collecting can be as much about a hobby as an investment. Whisky has largely surpassed other investments such as gold or wine. Scotch whisky collections have seen an increase in worth of about 14% in 2015 alone (gold had an increase of about 10%).


Demand is as high as ever for scotch collections and the urge to continue collecting can be an addictive one. So what makes single malt scotch such an appealing option for collectors?


1. Variety

If you enjoy collecting the amber nectar, we’re sure you would love to have a choice of flavours and finishes to offer guests when they stop by or to sample yourself. Luckily, the complete A to Z list of single malt whisky brands available out there is simply staggering. This means that the average collector can assemble a pretty impressive array of single malt scotches without breaking the bank.


From the rich, powerful flavour of a dram of Glenfiddich 21 to the refined and cereal-rich flavour of Glen Moray, you will find that the choices of single malt scot are vast and enjoyable, covering the gamut of flavour profiles.


If you buy for flavour instead of investment, we recommend buying what you like first and refining your choices as your palate develops.


2. Cost

When you learn that someone collects single malt scotch, the assumption may be that this is a person who spends a generous amount of their income on their hobby. However, single malt scotch has an impressive array of prices.


While the Balvenie 50-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky may run as high as $40,000USD a bottle, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune to get a decent drink. There are many options you can find well within the affordable price range that will still you a decent drink. Bottles of single malt scotch ranging from $50 to $90 dollars can still offer distinctive, smoky, layered flavour profiles that will be interesting on the tongue and well worth the drink. Also, a cheaper bottle of single malt will mean that you won’t feel gutted by a guest asking for a glass on the rocks.


3. Modern or old are both great

While there is an ongoing myth that only old scotches are worth collecting, that simply isn’t true. Modern whiskies can have greater consistency and can offer drinkers a better understanding of the best woods for cask maturation. Modern single malts can offer colourful flavour possibilities and give new distilleries the chance to play around with more interesting flavours. In fact, many collectors believe that we are currently living in a golden age of whisky for options, flavours, and accessibility.




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