Pendant Lights – The Lighting Trend Which Isn’t Going Anywhere

Pendant Lights – The Lighting Trend Which Isn’t Going Anywhere

Pendant lights were a huge design trend in 2017, popping up in homes and restaurants. This type of lighting is so versatile – it works with industrial decor, retro environments and even contemporary styles.


Pendants are still a big trend this year, so here’s what you need to know.


Styles of Pendant Lights

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling, usually from an extended piece of cable. They are a stylish way to illuminate the room and make a statement.



There are several different shapes of pendant lighting. The most common is a drum shape, but you may also see cylinder shapes, exposed bulbs and geometric shapes.



Industrial was one of the biggest trends in interiors last year, and pendant lighting contributed to that. This year, the industrial vibe is all about metals – copper, nickel, antique silver and brushed steel. Whereas last year’s industrial trend focused on exposing the bulb, this year the bulb remains visible but is surrounded by a wider drum shaped cylinder for a unique look. You can expect to see the pendants hanging from chains. There’s also a lean towards matte finishes rather than anything shiny, for a stripped back approach to the trend.


Pendant Lights



Vintage and retro interiors are incredibly popular so it makes sense that the trend extends to lighting. Last year, vintage lighting styles focused on the revival of the Edison bulb, with the single bulb hanging from the cable. In 2018, the trend has begun to incorporate mottled glass. This is a printed style of glass which casts a stunning effect when the light is illuminated, glimmering through the glass.



Geometric is probably the only pendant lighting trend which was around last year which hasn’t changed greatly. Geometric is still focusing on unique shapes such as triangles and hexagons. The most popular finish for geometric shapes is copper, but you can also find chrome and steel finishes.


Rooms to Use Pendant Lights in

Pendant lights are very versatile, so you can use them in almost any room in the home. Here are some ideas to get you started…


Living Room

In the living room, you can use a pendant light as your main ceiling light. You’ll want to attach it to a dimmer switch so that you can control the level of lighting depending on what you’re using the room for!



Pendant lighting can really come into its own in the kitchen. You can place it over the island in a trio to create a design statement or over your dining table with a dimmer switch, which makes it perfect for entertaining.



If you want to hang a pendant light above your bed, make sure it’s not in a position where you might bang your head when sitting up! For a unique approach, you could place two pendants above your bedside table, in place of table lamps. This frees up space on the table as well as making a statement.


Have you got pendant lights in your home? Which style do you prefer?



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