I Want A Pretty Garden!

I Want A Pretty Garden!

I have had my own home for almost eleven years now and it’s only been within the last twelve months that I finally have the cosy living room that I have always wanted. It takes time to save the money to get the things that you really want and even though now that the majority of the inside of the house is sorted, there is something else that I need to get stuck into sometime soon. You see, I really want a pretty garden!


No green fingers!

I have never been a green-fingered person. I can barely keep a pot plant alive and I am always surprised that my parents trust me to water their plants when they go on holiday! So to say that I have no idea where to start with my own garden is a little more than an understatement. If I had the money I would just hire a gardener and be done with!


The beauty of our garden is that it is a blank canvas. We have a small patio area and a garden shed and that’s it. Oh, I tell a lie – we have a lilac tree at the bottom of the garden that somehow we have managed to keep alive! I say ‘we’ because my other half isn’t much of a gardener either. If he had his way he would put fake grass down so he never has to mow the lawn again! So with this in mind, we can do pretty much what we want with it.


My dream garden

We have an odd shape garden, so I would like to put more slabs down to ‘straighten’ it up a bit. I really fancy a bit of decking, I think it makes a great focal point in a garden and obviously, in the warmer weather, it would be lovely to have somewhere to sit of an evening with a book and a Gin and Tonic (see how I’m dreaming of Summer already?!).


I would love to have a section of the garden especially for the little man to plant things. He grew some beautiful flowers in my parents garden this summer. When I was poorly, he even brought some home for me to cheer me up. Knowing that they were homegrown flowers, planted by his own fair hands made them even more special. I’d love for him to be able to do this in his own garden too.



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Earlier on in the Summer, Little Man wanted to plant some seeds in my Mum & Dad’s garden. They bought him some especially and as the weeks went on they grew into the most beautiful flowers. On Tuesday when I was really poorly and he spent the afternoon at their house he came home after tea and they rang the doorbell. I opened the door and was handed a bunch of the most perfect bunch of flowers I have ever been given. Planted by him, picked by him and handed to me by him saying Get Well Soon Mummy. I burst into tears. I’ve spent most of the week in bed and these have been on my bedside table. Not only do they smell beautiful but they have been a constant reminder of how thoughtful my little can be when it really matters. 🌸 #myboy • • • • • • #flowers #flower #petal #petals #nature #beautiful #love #pretty #plants #blossom #sopretty #summer #flowerstagram #flowersofinstagram #flowerstyles_gf #flowerslovers #flowerporn #botanical #floral #florals #flowermagic #instablooms #bloom #blooms #botanical #floweroftheday

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I would love some raised flower beds on the patio and I would really love some hanging baskets. These aren’t for everyone, I know, but I think they are beautiful and really help bring a house to life in the Summer months. I grew up with them and I want to bring a bit of my childhood into my own garden now that I am able to do so.


Pretty flower borders are also a lovely addition and they are certainly something I would like to have, and in there I would put some solar lights. I love garden lights and they would make a stunning finishing touch.


Research required

It’s not going to be a quick job. I know there is a lot of research I need to do. What plants to plant where for the right amount of sunlight. How often to water. What tools I will need for the job, but I really want a pretty garden and if anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. I don’t want to just do half a job! Thankfully my Mum and Dad know their stuff, so I will likely be asking them for some help and guidance. Also, I know that my little man will only be more than happy to get his hands dirty and help out. He’ll likely be playing with worms for the best part, but you know… boys will be boys!



I’m looking forward to planning my pretty garden and getting started next year. I’m determined to be sitting out enjoying it next Summer. I think ten years is plenty long enough to wait and I’m pretty sure I’m adult enough to be attempting it. What do you think? Watch this space!



Have you got any tips for a gardening beginner? Let me know in the comments.



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