Eight Essential Elements Of A Farmhouse Family Kitchen

Eight Essential Elements Of A Farmhouse Family Kitchen

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The farmhouse, countryside family kitchen style is totally on trend right now, and its warm homeliness makes it a style that’s here for the long run. Its basis isn’t just for comfort and cosiness, but also quality and longevity. It isn’t about having the latest mod-cons or the most up-to-date oven or refrigerator, but it is about having a welcoming, homely, communal space for families to spend time in. It’s the sort of room you’d expect to smell like freshly baked bread, mulling spices, and roast lamb. It’s a room that should be warm, comfortable, and accessible. It’s a room you should be in love with.

  1. A neutral colour palette

The basis for a room which will never go out of style is starting with a fairly subtle, neutral palette. Bright colours go in and out of fashion each year, whites, creams, off-whites, beiges, and browns never go out of date, and they offer a beautiful backdrop for the vintage accessories which suit the style so well. Think Little House On The Prairie-style white wooden floors, cosy cream chequered sofas, and rustic exposed woodwork.

  1. A traditional range

If you want to go all out farmhouse kitchen in your home, you’re going to want a traditional, old fashioned cooking range. The stove, after all, is at the heart of any kitchen, but especially a countryside kitchen. Not only will it make the style authentic, but it’ll keep the kitchen and the rest of your home toasty warm all winter. There are more modern styles available from companies such as AGA, which keep the old fashioned, countryside aesthetic but run far more efficiently, with much more ease of use.

  1. Open shelving

Open shelving and cabinets with glass fronts are the farmhouses aesthetic to a tee. They make cutlery, crockery, and utensils easy to grab, but they also add an element of whimsy to the room. If you’ve got particularly attractive crockery, it’s nice to have it on display anyway. But nothing says “budding chef” like an open-fronted cupboard, bursting at the seams with mixing bowls, herbs and spices, gadgets, and pans. If you have both upper and lower banks of shelving, you can just remove the doors. What looks really cute is open panels in the front of wooden doors, though. It’s straightforward to achieve this look if the doors already have panelling, as cutting out the interior panels is all it takes.

Eight Essential Elements Of A Farmhouse Family Kitchen

  1. Exposed woodwork

Think about the beautiful quintessential cottages in the British countryside – one of the main themes of their aesthetic is the exposed wooden elements of the structure. While I’m not suggesting that you strip your home back to its bare bones to open up the wooden girders and struts, embracing the exposed wooden style in elements such as cabinets, tables, and chairs can really help to bring the look to the room.


  1. Old fashioned flooring

The beauty of farmhouse style flooring is its hardwearing versatility, but there isn’t just one style which works. Flagstones are one choice, and they’ll last a lifetime, but they can be expensive, and they’re not great if you have children either. Wooden floors painted white or left natural, embrace the look perfectly. Don’t forget to include a rug or two around any seating areas to stop toes from getting chilly too.

Eight Essential Elements Of A Farmhouse Family Kitchen


  1. A large, ceramic sink

Deep ceramic sinks are the perfect embodiment of the farmhouse style, and can’t be left out. There are loads of vintage ones on the market, but brand new butler sinks available at Tap Warehouse look every bit as authentic. The depth and width of this traditional style of sink make washing up far easier, and they look the part completely.


  1. A family dining table

Family meals are at the centre of a farmhouse kitchen, so a large family dining table is a must. They double up as great food prep and homework area too, so don’t see it as a waste of space – the bigger, the better! The more rustic the better too. While you can buy them brand new, second-hand will look far more authentic.

Eight Essential Elements Of A Farmhouse Family Kitchen

  1. A vintage touch

Finally, the finishing touch is all in the details. The vintage touch is essential for taking the style to the next level. An open fireplace, exposed brickwork, pottery accessories, and pitchers full of flowers really add the farmhouse-edge. Trawl antique stalls to find the perfect accessories for your farmhouse kitchen, and don’t worry about following the less is more rule – it’s meant to be homely and welcoming, not minimalistic and aloof.
Remember, comfort, warmth, and accessibility are the looks you’re aiming for. Have fun with it, and enjoy the amazing family space you create.



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