Christmas Decorations And Hacks To Save Time, Space And Money

Christmas Decorations And Hacks To Save Time, Space And Money

With a little over one week to go until the big day, the question is, have you got all of your Christmas decorations up yet? We put ours up just over a week ago and apart from the new baubles that the little man gets each year (he picks a new one each year) the decorations I use are just the same ones each year. I’d love to revamp them but in all honesty it’s finding the time – and the money. Decorations can be so pricey at a time where we all feel the strain financially. There is always something else to be spending hard-earned cash on at Christmastime.

I recently came across these brilliant hacks from the clever people at Festive Lights. They have some brilliant ideas. Have a read and then I’ll tell you my favourites!

Festive Lights Decoration Hacks

I love the idea of white lights for all year round. We have coloured lights at the moment but I think at some point between now and next year I’m going to invest in white ones. Who doesn’t want lights all year round? Super cosy. And they look gorgeous in the glass jar.

Reusing Christmas cards as decor is genius. We always used to spend hours cutting up cards to make labels when we were kids. I guess you could also use old cards to make new cards – this could be a fun thing to do with the children. That’s a big money saver. Cards can be pricey these days. Reusing cards would be a great way to save a few pennies.

I love window ribbons and it’s something I wanted to do this year – although I don’t think my cat can be trusted. Knowing my luck I’d come downstairs one morning and find my window ribbons as floor ribbons – that’s not the look I’m going for!

The lights on a hanger is such a clever idea and I DO intend on doing this in January when the tree goes away for another year – well, I intend to, whether I actually do, we will see!!

So now that I’ve been playing my favourite christmas songs and getting festive with these hacks, I’d say I’m almost ready for the big day. It will soon be here. It really feels like it’s come from nowhere this year.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful – and do let me know if you have any hints and tips that help save space, time and money at Christmas. Leave me a comment. I’d love to read them.


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