Tips for the beginner house builder: what you should know

Tips for the beginner house builder: what you should know

Despite what television suggests, home building is likely to be a relatively sedate and hopefully non-dramatic process. Of course, it’s standard to factor in delays and budget overruns, but provided you have some contingency built into your schedule, setbacks should prove annoying more than anything. So how can you anticipate the unexpected? Read below for a few tips when you’re undertaking a building project.

Decide what type of professional you’ll get to draw up and manage your plans. For many people, a draftsperson is the most realistic option in terms of affordability. If you have a tricky site, want a less conventional design or have little building experience yourself, the more in-depth design services that an architect can provide might be worth the cost. Remember that making changes to drawings as you go can also be costly, so take the time to get it as correct as you can at the beginning. As with any person, you engage in your build, it’s a good idea to get a few quotes before you sign any contracts and commit yourself to one company or individual. Alternatively, you might opt for a house and land package which includes design.

In addition to budgeting for a little extra cash for the unexpected, you should also check that your initial figures are realistic. Have you factored in things like the cost of permits and the planning permission process? These can also take time, so if you experience delay you’’ want to know what fees will be payable to any contractors that you have lined up. Another factor that is sometimes forgotten is your living expenses while you build. Are you planning to rent nearby so you can keep an eye on the project? If not, remember that travelling to and from your site can be costly in petrol and your time, so prepare for this or have a good set of eyes on site that will relay progress back to you.

Once you get to the point of engaging a builder, many people will turn to word-of-mouth or online recommendations. This is a great way to link up with quality craftspeople that may not have a high ranking website. Of course, it goes without saying that once you have a shortlist of builders, meet with them all to see whether they suit your project and personality. It’s important that they have the ability to communicate things to you in a way that’s easy for you to understand, as there will be many decisions that you’ll need to make over the course of a build. They should also be adequately insured and experienced in the type of project you have planned whether it’s dual living, double story or a greenhouse. On the topic of insurance, don’t be afraid to double check this yourself.

So whether you’re a home builder in Melbourne to Basingstoke, get started on the planning to help you realise a dream home for you and your family. Happy building!


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