A Look At What The NHS Has Done For Us

A Look At What The NHS Has Done For Us

There has been quite a bit of negative press directed at the good old NHS recently, so maybe it’s time to provide some balance for the argument.  So, how about looking at what the NHS does for us? Sure, it may face a few problems every now and then, but all in all, a lot of good comes out of the NHS. Here are some of the things that it does for us!

A Look At What The NHS Done For Us

It Offers Value For Money

How much did you have to pay to see your doctor at your last appointment? The answer is nothing at all! Ok, so you might have paid for a prescription if you needed some medication, but the consultation and time seeing the doctor would have been totally free. The reason why we don’t need to pay to go to the doctor, be treated in a hospital, or see a consultant is that we pay national insurance contributions through our wages. These are taken out along with our tax. All of these payments go towards the upkeep of the NHS. This is very good value for money when you compare it to the American health system! Over there, people have to pay for very expensive insurance policies, which some poor families can’t afford. As a result, many people in The States go without the required health insurance, which can be very dangerous if they ever need to see a doctor or go to a hospital. They are often left with huge bills they cannot afford, or simply go without life-saving treatment. Looks like we get the better deal over here in the UK!

A Look At What The NHS Done For Us

It Makes Us All Equal

Our country and society seem to become even more fragmented as time goes on, but at least we have the NHS as a source of unity! That’s because the NHS is open to everyone, no matter what background or social class they come from. I’m pretty sure that almost everyone who lives in the country will use the NHS at least one point in our lives. In fact, most of us will have been born into the NHS, as it’s maternity wards and delivery suites are where many of us come into the world! Even if you have some private health insurance, I bet you will have still used the NHS at some point or another. That’s because many private healthcare systems do not offer the full range of services available, and often have to send their patients to NHS hospitals when they need specialist treatments.

It Provides More Doctors And Healthcare Professionals

Another great reason to love the NHS is that it produces so many expert healthcare professionals. Thanks to its training services, there are lots of new doctors and nurses each year, and also many people embarking on new clinical support worker jobs and other careers in the health profession. Plus, it provides a fabulous work environment for all us girls. In fact, around 80% of the entire NHS workforce is female. So that means there is a very good chance that all the top managerial jobs and consultant jobs are taken by women – that’s great for girl power!

A Look At What The NHS Done For Us

It’s A Lifesaver… Literally!

What would you do if you were ever out with all your mates and one of them collapsed? Well, you’d call for an ambulance straight away, of course! And what if you fall ill with a nasty bacterial infection? You’d visit your doctor and get some important tablets so that you can get better. If someone you know is ever involved in a serious car accident, they would be rushed straight to the nearest hospital for life-saving surgery. All of these services are provided by the NHS so, as you can see, the NHS is an absolute lifesaver… quite literally! It is a fantastic safety net that everyone in society can use whenever they fall gravely ill or suffer from a terrible accident. It also helps thousands of people with long-term conditions improve their day to day life. Without it, who knows how much we would suffer?! So next time you need some important medication or need to go in for surgery, you have the NHS to thank for making you fit and healthy again!

It Represents Some Great Social Values

The NHS is based entirely on what society needs, and isn’t ruled by markets and commerce. And this is a great social value – one of many that you can find in the NHS. The NHS is all about helping those most in need, which is something that we should all take inspiration from. By providing healthcare for all, the NHS is offers support to the people who need it the most. If we were to all take this lesson away from the NHS imagine just how kind and open society would become. Everyone would be quick to help one another, and we would all certainly flourish!

A Look At What The NHS Done For Us

It’s Given Us One Of The World’s Best Health Service

Even though there are often reports in the news and media that say the NHS is failing or the whole system isn’t performing as well as it should be, doesn’t mean that they are true. After all, we should all know not to believe everything that is written in the likes of the Daily Mail and the Telegraph by now! In fact, there are many studies and reports that always say the NHS comes out top when it is compared to the other health care systems throughout the world. There seems to be a different report each year that has this exact same result. So our healthcare system must be doing something right!  And being able to say that our country has the best healthcare system in the world is definitely something that we should all be proud of!

It Offers Us The Tools To Look After Ourselves

As well as providing plenty of services to help us get better quickly, the NHS also knows about the importance of being independent in our own homes. As a result, it offers lots of tools and services that help sick people support themselves at home. Lots of people find that their health conditions improve when they recover at home compared to in a hospital, which is something that the NHS understands. Because of this, the NHS now offers lots of at-home services, such as nurses who visit patients in their own homes and medication that patients can administer themselves. The NHS Choices website also gives people the chance to figure out what their symptoms might mean and decide whether it is necessary to contact their doctor or go to a hospital.

A Look At What The NHS Done For Us

It Knows How To Poke Fun At Itself

It looks like the NHS is a great place to work! Just look at the NHS staff from the Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes teams perform their Gangnam Style video which they made to inform people about washing hands correctly! NHS staff always seem to be coming up with fun and innovative ways to educate the general public about health and safety. And there are always lots of people fundraising for the NHS as well. I’m sure you will know someone who has ran a marathon, done a bungee jump, or jumped out of a plane to raise funds for the NHS. You might even have done something like this yourself!

As you can see, there are loads of things that the NHS does for us! And there are a lot more that couldn’t fit into this blog post. I for one will be forever grateful for the NHS for providing my Mum with the Chemotherapy she needed to battle Cancer. I dread to think where we would be by now if the NHS hadn’t been there. Let me know what other great benefits it gives us in the comments below!



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