Bye bye Mummy Tummy…

Bye bye Mummy Tummy…

Something really strange has happened to me. Something that I never, ever, ever thought would happen. I’ve actually started to ENJOY exercise. Yes. It’s that much of a big deal that I felt the need to use block capitals mid post. It really is something.

You’re all aware from a previous post that I’ve been taking part in ‘OperationBabyBulge’ for the last few months, and I think I’ve actually failed in keeping you updated with that one, so let’s do that now.

Well, the long and short of it is that in three months I managed to shift one and a half stone in weight. A whole twenty one pounds to be precise. And, almost two dress sizes. I did this by cutting out the crap and committing myself to a very strict, low carb, low calorie and high protein diet. It was damn hard, I’m not going to lie. Especially when you have a husband who has a metabolism as fast as high speed train and can pretty much eat anything and it not affect him. But I was so determined that I stuck with it and I did it. I shifted that bulk and got back into my pre-pregnancy wardrobe. That’s all I wanted.

Then I noticed something. I noticed the dreaded ‘mummy tummy‘. I noticed that my stomach hadn’t quite gone back to what it used to be like. I’ve always had a flat tummy, even in my ‘fat years’ (2003-04 to be precise!). Even when I was a big girl, my tummy stayed flat. The fat just stuck itself to my hips and bum instead. So, to have this ‘tum’ was taking some getting used to. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate it. It’s that tummy that provided a home to my beautiful baby for nine months, so it’s something to be proud of. But let’s be honest now girls, we all want a flat washboard stomach don’t we?

Now. I’d done the diet and that hadn’t shifted it so this meant one thing. I was going to have to get off my ass & burn it off. Cue Josie Gibson off of Big Brother fame. Thank God for this girl and her inspirational new body.

Credit: Image from istockphoto.com

Credit: Image from istockphoto.com

I’d been debating for ages about buying her DVD but had never bothered. I’m like every other girl out there, I buy the DVD’s. I watch them, I do them once, maybe twice if I’m lucky and then that’s it. They’re then destined for life on a shelf collecting dust and never seeing the light of day again. But there was something different about this one.

Josie claims “it’s great if you’re a bit lazy like me ‘cos the hard bit only lasts 30 seconds at a time!”

I’m not going to lie to you. That sold it to me. I hated exercise. But I reckoned I could manage a twenty minute workout with hard bits lasting thirty seconds. Couldn’t I?

So I bought it. And I did it. And then forty eight hours later I did it again. And then again. And again. And this went on and on. And this was four weeks ago and now I CAN’T GET ENOUGH! I’m seeing results people! The mummy tummy is shrinking and my bum is taking shape and the cellulite is going and my legs are getting shapely and my arms aren’t as wobbly! You must be able to sense my excitement?!

I’ve given up on the scales. I don’t see the point. Inches are better than pounds when it comes to measuring weightloss. How I look and feel is so much more of a priority to me over what the scales say. And I feel AMAZING, since I got fit.

I’ve been poorly over the last few days and had to take a few days off and I really did get withdrawals. But this morning I was back on it. I’ve introduced other workouts to my weekly routine now and am using both the Davina iPhone app and the ‘Results With Lucy’ Personal Training website. I love the variation all three give me. I never get bored.

I still can’t believe this has happened. I hated exercise. Desperately, like you wouldn’t understand. Now look at me!
If I can do it, anyone can. Why not give it a go?

This is the DVD description:

Big Brother’s Josie Gibson is more of a little sister now! She’s dropped 5 dress sizes and 3 stone using 30-Second Slim. Personal trainer James Stark created this Short Sharp Slim workout based on the latest science of High Intensity Interval Training. It’s just 30 seconds of sweat, followed by an active rest.

“Laboratory tests show it burns fat faster than any other form of exercise,” says James.

Plus, Josie reckons, “it’s great if you’re a bit lazy like me ‘cos the hard bit only lasts 30 seconds at a time!”

Three 20-minute workouts build in intensity from Level 1 to Level 3. In each there’s…
WARM-UP: 4 minutes of easy calorie-burning moves.
MAIN WORKOUT: 12 minutes of fat-burning intervals & moves to tone up the bum, arms and belly.
COOL DOWN: 4 minutes of stretches to lengthen the muscles.
“Let’s face it I was a real porker,” says Josie. “But this did it for me–so go for it. All you’ve got to lose is your love handles!”

You can buy Josie Gibson’s ’30 Second Slim’ on Amazon, currently priced at £7.80 by clicking here.

Credit: Image from Amazon.co.uk

Credit: Image from Amazon.co.uk

Have you tried this DVD? What did you think? Or are there any others you can recommend I try? Let me know.



  1. 5th August 2013 / 3:15 pm

    Love this post Jaki – Im doing the Davina app as you know, but this DVD actually sounds great – might see if I can get my hands on it!! 🙂


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