How Do You Know Whether a Perfume Really Suits You?

How Do You Know Whether a Perfume Really Suits You?

Are you tired of collecting endless bottles of perfumes over the years that don’t really suit you, or wearing fragrances that you liked in the store but didn’t love as soon as you got them home and put them on?

Believe it or not, it happens to most women! When shopping for fragrances, what do you do? Smell one, smell the next, then the next, right? Well, that’s the problem.

You should never base your decision off the first impression or the initial scent of a perfume. Why? We will explain below -and it will blow your mind!

Here are four tips to help you find the perfect fragrance that suits you best…


  1. Perfume needs time to develop on your skin.

You need to understand the chemistry of perfume to be able to pick one that suits you best. Scents are usually made up of three notes – the top note, which is the first scent that you smell and the quickest one to evaporate; the middle note, which is considered the heart of the perfume; and the base note, which is the less obvious scent but lasts the longest.

These three notes react with your body’s pheromones, but they take some time to develop on your skin. Once the top note has evaporated, you’re now left with the base and middle notes reacting with your body’s own scent, creating a fragrance that’s unique to you.

So the next time you shop for a perfume, let scents linger on your skin for at least a few minutes before deciding what you think. And when shopping online, look at what the perfume’s middle and base notes are made from.

Want to learn more about how to choose the perfect perfume with the right notes for you and your personal chemistry? Check out this guide on How to Find the Perfect Perfume by Caribbean designer Tiv Perfume!


  1. Don’t limit yourself.

Finding the best perfume for you means trying out smaller, boutique perfume brands you may have never tried or heard of before–don’t just stick to Chanel your whole life!

Aside from floral, fruity and classic, there are other scents such as citrus, woody, oriental, green, oceanic and, even spicy! So make sure you try new scents and explore the boutique options out there!


  1. Know what’s in your perfume.

 Do you know what makes up your perfume? Most people don’t even think about it!

The ingredients used for a perfume have a huge impact not only on the quality of the scent and the staying quality (how long it lasts) but also on the safety! Make sure that the ingredients used are non-toxic, all-natural, high-quality, and have minimal fixatives and no chemical synthetics.


  1. Choose the scent that brings out the real you.

Everybody has their own individual pheromones. Before perfumes were invented, people relied on their natural body scents to attract the opposite sex. But now that we have perfume, we can enhance our natural scents with different essences, increase our attractiveness by smelling good and creating lasting impressions with fragrances, and evoke emotions and desire!


To find out which scents mesh with you the best, it is important to think about what smells you are drawn to, that trigger memories or emotions, and remind you of places you love or long to be. If you wear a fragrance that evokes a positive and even romantic memory or emotion, it’s going to make you feel that much more beautiful, desirable and self-confident.

Finding the perfect fragrance can be a huge challenge – but if you follow this guide on choosing a perfume with high-quality ingredients from a boutique brand, with middle and base notes that you love and triggers positive emotions, then you’re well on your way to finding your signature perfume!




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