3 Things You Don’t Know About The Pill

3 Things You Don’t Know About The Pill

Despite it being one of the most widely used forms of birth control in the UK, there are still some things about the contraceptive pill that many people don’t know. So that you’re better clued up on this health issue, here are three facts you might not be aware of.

  1. There’s a pill that’s safe to use when breastfeeding

If you’re a mum or you’re planning to start a family, you might have heard that you can’t use the pill when you’re breastfeeding. It’s true that doctors advise against taking the combined pill during this time as it can affect your milk supply. For this reason, it’s best to wait until your baby is around six months old before you start this type of contraceptive. What many women don’t know however is that there’s another type of pill that is safe to use – the progestogen-only or ‘mini’ pill. Unlike the combined version, this type of birth control doesn’t contain oestrogen. It only contains progestogen. Although small amounts of this hormone may pass into your milk, it’s not harmful to your baby. Bear in mind though, if you start taking this contraceptive more than 21 days after you’ve given birth, you’ll need to use an extra form of birth control, like condoms, until you’ve used the progestogen-only pill for two days.

You can find out more about this option or get a prescription for it from your GP, or you can request a prescription from a trusted provider online. For example, along with other types of birth control, you can order this contraceptive pill from Online Doctor LloydsPharmacy.

  1. It probably won’t make you put on weight

It’s often said that starting the pill makes women put on weight, but in fact, this is a myth. Although each type of oral contraceptive comes with its own set of potential side effects, and in some cases, this can include weight gain, the vast majority of women don’t experience this. Perceived weight gain is often a result of mild fluid retention. So, if you’ve been put off certain pills in the past because you’re worried about what they might do to your waistline, it could be time to think again.

If you do experience unwanted side effects when you start a particular pill, your doctor may be able to recommend alternatives.

  1. The pill could improve your skin

The pill is obviously primarily used as a form of family planning, but it can also have other functions – and one of these is to help control skin problems. Let’s face it, hormones can play havoc with our complexions, but for some people, particular types of combined pill help to control these unwanted effects and keep skin clear of spots. For example, Dianette is sometimes prescribed as a treatment for serious cases of acne.

However, it’s important to be aware that the mini pill can make some people’s skin worse, so if you’re worried about the effect your birth control could have on your complexion, speak to your doctor when you’re deciding which type to take.

Knowing your stuff when it comes to pill can help you to make informed choices about your health and family planning, so it’s worth reading up on the facts.



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