Realistic Ways Mums can Earn a Little Extra Cash

Realistic Ways Mums can Earn a Little Extra Cash

Whether you’re part of a family with two working parents, are doing it all alone, or have chosen to stay home with the kids and focus solely on that- when you have kids, money can be a constant source of worry. As it is not always possible, or it may simply not be what you want, to go back to work following a maternity leave that seemingly flew by. Whatever your specific situation, a little extra cash would probably go a long way even if only to give you the freedom to treat yourself once in a while (something many parents seem to find difficult to do!) Here are some tips on ways mums and dads can go about making a little extra cash.


Enter Competitions

Entering competitions can be a smart way of showing off what you can do while earning that little extra cash. Competitions can range from photography to writing, and can even just be by entering your email address in online surveys. What’s more is that other than winning possible cash prizes, some competitions prefer to gift the winner with fun getaways, spa weekends, and even technology gadgets that are useful to you, and your children. Of course, it is never guaranteed that you will win and isn’t suitable for those parents in need of money immediately. I would also recommend creating a new email account purely for your entries to avoid your daily email account becoming full of junk mail.


Start Freelancing

Freelancing is also great for every type of parent thanks to it being a job that you can do on your own time. Of course, stay at home mums may find it easier to dedicate themselves to freelancing, but that still doesn’t mean all the other mums can’t give it a try. Freelancing jobs can generally be found in web design, copywriting, and translating fields. These tasks are little jobs that will definitely get you the extra cash you’re looking for and on your own time! Freelancers should be able to work as much or little as they want, so this is great for parents who can’t commit a specific amount of time every week.



Now blogging is probably the best tip that you can follow, but also the longest when it comes to giving back. In order for your blog to work, you must dedicate quite some time to it. Perfect for every type of mum, pick what you want to write about and get going. Whether that be childcare, cooking, career tips, friend advice, or even just a daily account of what goes on in your life, get blogging. Once your followers increase, you’ll see companies and businesses reaching out to you and asking for you to mention their products or brands on your blog; patience and commitment to building a good blog will eventually lead to a little extra cash from time to time.

Realistic Ways Mums can Earn a Little Extra Cash

Selling Online

One of the most fun and creative ways to earn the extra cash is selling online. With many resources that allow you to showcase your work, all you have to do is find something you’re good at making. You probably already have something in mind (like jewellery or ceramics), so all you have to do next is find your first client! If you’re not particularly skilled at crafting or creating items yourself, think about selling those clothes you’ve been clinging on to, hardly worn but probably never to actually be worn! Extra space, and a little money back!

Realistic Ways Mums can Earn a Little Extra Cash

Of course, some of these rely solely on your own get-up and go. However, if you are looking for employment (e.g. freelancing for a local company) then you’ll have to get active in your job search. Keep your CV up to date, adding any new skills you’ve gained, and use a reputable job search site such as Jobrapido to find a comprehensive list of local vacancies near you. Good luck, and happy earning!




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