On-trend Wooden Watches – Why you need to buy one

On-trend Wooden Watches – Why you need to buy one

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For men and women, there are millions of fashion accessories available in the market today. However, one of the accessories that seem like getting popular with many is the wooden wristwatch. Not only do people love wooden watches as traditional gifts, but also it is something different and unique that every watch-collector loves to add to the collection.

Nevertheless, everyone has their own reason to wear, but these are the common reasons why people love wooden watches:


Wood is known for its environmental and natural friendliness, and for its beautiful appearance. Wood is durable and strong. Wood watches are eco-friendly as they are made of natural wood. Also, no chemical is added while manufacturing them. By wearing these watches, you make a bold statement that you care about your environment. Plus, you get an attractive look by wearing them on your wrist.

Stylish Look

Due to their aesthetic appearance, wooden watches attract people. There are thousands of pieces available online that a person can choose as per their wardrobe.

Better Health

Metal, aluminium, and other watches cause skin related issues; wooden watches are perfect for your skin and body. Concrete materials such as plastics and aluminium change in size during the summer because of the heat.

Whereas, Wooden watches don’t change due to heat or excessive cold, thus keeping your body calm, and away from stress.  Besides, wooden watches are hypoallergenic as the wooden material soaks up the moisture on your wrist, which also helps in maintaining their look for the longer time.


Most people don’t feel comfortable wearing heavy accessories. Wooden watches are an ideal choice for such customers who like to wear comfortable and lightweight accessories. They are far lighter than their counter-products like metallic watches. Wooden watches are convenient to people working in the sports field, such as marathon-participants.


No two watches made of the wood look-alike. That’s the thing about wooden watches. They are different and unique. People love wearing watches that don’t have a replica. As they are hand-made, there is no point someone will put in efforts in designing the same watch, which seizes any opportunity for the replica-makers.

Striking Accessory

Since wooden watches are neutral in colour, they can match a range of outfits, ranging from formal wear to casual wear. It is bound to match with all outfits a person wishes to wear with their appearance.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Wooden Watches!

  • There are stainless steel watches with a wooden veneer glued on them. So, ensure that a watch is made of sustainable and solid wood.
  • Check that the watch has the quality-movement that can last for long duration. A wooden watch without quality-movement will become a wooden bracelet after some time.
  • Read the reviews of the manufacturer before buying to make sure you buy from only a reputed company.
  • Get a watch with warranty. Companies offering warranty is a clue that the watch is of good quality and is durable.

What You Should Know About Wooden Watches!

  • Wooden watches are not waterproof. They are splash proof. So, don’t jump into the swimming pool wearing them on your wrist.
  • Wooden watches require cleansing more often than other metallic watches. Cleaning regularly will prevent them from getting dark and gives the wood the proper moisture required to prevent cracking.
  • Wooden watches can expand due to the rapid temperature change, which could even lead to the wood cracking.



Now that you know the many benefits of getting a wooden watch, why don’t you start exploring the options you have? There are hundreds of platforms available online to get one for you. However, we request you to buy it from a reputable vendor to make sure quality, and worth for your money. Start by reading reviews on popular websites like Reddit and Quora.


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