Tick Tock: What Makes One Watch Better Than The Others?

Tick Tock: What Makes One Watch Better Than The Others?

A great watch can be the perfect gift – for yourself, or for someone else. It might surprise you to learn that wrist watches are not a modern invention. The first watch of this type was presented to Queen Elizabeth 1 in 1571. Needless to say, we have made significant advances since then.


An excellent quality watch is something that can last a lifetime, and even be passed down through the family. But, with the range of watches out there, figuring out which is the ideal match for you can be somewhat tricky.


Itshot is a leading watch seller and has given the following tips for checking the quality of the watch.



A good watch will weight a bit. That’s just the way it is. The more features it has, the more it is going to weigh. That is a good thing here and something that you want to look out for.


The Movement

Contrary to popular wisdom, a top-quality timepiece will not actually make a loud ticking sound. This is because the movement is so well tuned that the hands move flawlessly around the dial. There is no loud clicking because of the quality construction of the mechanism inside it.


A Name Brand

Can you get an unbranded model that will work well? There is no doubt that you can. But if you want a real guarantee of quality, then stick with a brand that has an established name, like Rolex. These are brands that take the art of crafting a timepiece to a whole new level.


There is No One Like the Swiss

The Swiss are not only famous for the chocolate they make, but they have also established a reputation as expert craftsmen in this field. Quality control in the country is extremely important, and so you can be assured that if the model you are considering is Swiss made, it is great quality.



It seems almost silly to bring this up, but accuracy is the main reason that you will be looking at a high-quality option in the first place. To check precision, look for something termed a chronometer.

These are put through a testing process to ensure that they are completely accurate. They are accurate to within ten seconds.

To ensure that your purchase has the most useful lifespan, you would need to check it for accuracy. Something that loses even a few seconds a day will end up being a nuisance in the long-term as it will require frequent servicing.



What truly sets a great model apart is that the styling is timeless. This is the piece that never dates and that looks as good now as it did sixty or seventy years ago.

That is not to say that you cannot look at high-fashion options as well. These wooden models, for example, are trendy and can make a nice addition to your collection. But trends do pass, eventually, and so it is better to have at least one classically styled option in addition to the trendy ones.


Be Wary of Fakes

Of course, there are a lot of counterfeit products out there. How can you make sure that you don’t fall victim to one of these fakes? First of all, choosing a reputable seller is important. If you are buying from a dealer, rather than directly from the company, check the dealer’s reviews.

The price can also be a great indication here. If the deal seems amazing, it is probably too good to be true. Also, check the returns policy of the dealer. If they are legitimate, they will allow returns and will be upfront about what their rules are regarding these.

All in all, it may cost you a bit more to get a high-quality watch, but the price is well worth it in terms of durability and performance.



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