Summer Skin in Five Minutes

Summer Skin in Five Minutes

Summer is back, and the weather is warming up so it’s time for a new skincare routine. As busy parents, we rarely have time to think about how to revive our skin when we have play dates to arrange and the school run to do.

However, there are some quick-fixes available to fit around the breakfast rush. Here are three ideas to give your routine a boost and give you summer skin in five minutes.


Know Your Type

A quick shortcut to knowing how to care for our skin in the hot weather is knowing our skin type. By knowing what we are, we can quickly assess how best to care for it.

Whether your skin is sensitive or oily, there are plenty of quick-fire ways to tailor your skincare regime to the warmer weather. Popping some moisturiser on can help if your skin is feeling tight or a gentle face wash before you start the day can reduce an oily complexion.

If your skin is especially dry and prone to skin conditions like psoriasis, the winter months can be especially unkind. Cold winds can dry it out, so if you want to treat your skin after months spent in the chilly weather, slather on the sun cream and head outside to soak up some Vitamin D.

While spending too long in direct sunlight can cause damage, a little exposure can reduce inflammation. Walk the kids to school instead of driving and you will soon notice the difference.


Scrub Up

No matter what time of year it is, we all have questions about how to care for our skin, but as the temperatures climb and we bare our legs again, we take a little more time wondering how to care for the skin we’ve hidden away for so long. Before switching to your summer wardrobe, it is worth taking some time to scrub away the dead skin of winter.

If you are able to hop in the shower first thing, allow five minutes for applying a body scrub. This could be a homemade one created from something as simple as brown sugar mixed with baby oil. By gently exfoliating the legs and arms, your skin will be softer and smoother.


Eye Care

The sun can affect the delicate skin around the eye area. A speedy way to give them some TLC in the summer months is by gently massaging the area around them.

Use your middle finger to gently tap the eye socket, working from the outside in, in circular motions. Repeat three times and this should help to wake the skin up around the eyes. If you have time, apply a light layer of cream to gently add moisture.


Before you get the children ready, why not try some of these quick tips to get your skin ready for summer? If you’ve managed to get your skin glowing in five minutes, comment below with how you did it.


Summer Skin in Five Minutes


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