4 Earring Styles To Turn Heads Next Summer

4 Earring Styles To Turn Heads Next Summer

Whatever else you wear, your choice of earrings is critical, and if you get this wrong, the entire look you are trying to create will suffer to some degree. Earrings can do many things, they can jump out and make a statement, or perhaps provide that teeniest of hints of colour, to highlight the facial features, and with so many designs out there, it’s hard to know where to start. If you are in any way fashion conscious, then base your choices on what the catwalk models are wearing, as you can bet you will see these in the high street jewellers very soon. To save you some time, here are a few looks that will be all the rage in the coming year.


  1. Big is Better – It certainly seems to be this year, with stunning hanging examples of intricate bead designs, and with the right outfit, you have a unique look and can really play around with colour. Earrings are viewed by garment designers as a powerful tool, and one that should be used to its full potential, and the flowing examples are a reflection of this.


  1. Multiple Rings – Pierced ears have been in for a while now, but expect to see several gold rings in quick succession, starting at the bottom of the lobe, and with silver, one can make a country outfit glow. There are online suppliers who have a wide range of sterling silver earrings for women, and they typically sell at lower than retail prices, which is a bonus. The range of an online jeweller would far exceed any traditional retail outlet, as space is limited, and not having to pay for a high street outlet makes for a lower price.


  1. Beads – Beads are evident wherever you look, with classic African looks that combine the beads with copper or silver, and the artistic approach is one that allows the creator the freedom to work without limitations. Light blue goes with any rural setting, and with deep greens for beach parties, and lilac for that evening gown, beads can add that subtle splash of colour. If you would like some ideas regarding fashionable earring designs, there is an interesting selection online that might inspire you.


  1. Metal Work – Thin strips of copper, tin, or silver are fabricated to leave a dreamy appearance, and with stainless steel, one can hammer home that sophisticated modern businesswoman look. These would be very light, which is essential for comfortable wear, and with online jewellers, you can sit for an hour or two and browse the many fine examples, until you find exactly what you are looking for, and at these prices, you can buy for an entire season.


With a little browsing online, you will eventually find what you are looking for, and if you need some further inspiration, Google images of fashionable earrings and you will be inundated with great designs. Buying online is not only convenient, you will also pay a lot less than in any jewellery store, and with an extensive catalogue, you are sure to find the ideal addition to your season’s outfits.




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