Running late? Here’s how to get the whole family ready in 30 minutes

Running late? Here’s how to get the whole family ready in 30 minutes

We’ve all been there on a weekday morning – the alarm goes off and you hit the snooze button, telling yourself you’ll ‘just take another two minutes.’ Before you know it, you wake up to the realisation that you have only 30 minutes to get yourself and the kids ready for school and out the door (this happens to me, more regularly than I care to admit – what can I say, I’m not a morning person!). First and foremost, don’t panic. Here’s what you can do to get yourselves out on time.

30 minutes to go

Even though it’s easy to get into a panic when that 30-minute mark hits, it’s still important to get in a quick cuddle with your kids before the morning rush starts. It’ll put your little ones in the right mood and set them up for a good day. While you’re there, remember that staying calm will help everyone get through the morning easier, both for you and the kids.

Once you’re up and on the move, try playing some of the kids’ favourite music to get the energy up – there’s nothing worse than a super groggy little one that moves at a snail’s pace to get the morning panic on the rise. If you’re dancing your way through your routine, it can also become a fun activity and less of a chore.

Running late? Here’s how to get the whole family ready in 30 minutes

Start with the brushing tasks – remember both teeth and hair. If you’ve got a few little ones to assist with getting ready in the morning, it’ll help to have them trade off tasks that need your involvement. While one is brushing their teeth, you can be helping the other brush their hair. Once they’re done, swap. Traffic jam averted.

20 minutes to go

The next ten minutes can be devoted to getting dressed. Ideally everyone’s clothes – shoes included – will be set out the night before so you won’t have to spend unnecessary time finding a matching pair of socks or clean school skirts.

The same goes for making sure everyone’s clothes are up to snuff. If you’re in a rush, there’s really no time to even contemplate ironing and spot cleaning, much less actually do them. To avoid any last minute crises, there are clothing options that were basically designed for last minute morning rushes, like these Tu skirts with permanent pleats that completely negate the need for any last-minute prep work.

Take these last few minutes to get breakfast sorted. Ideally, you’ll have time to whip up something quick and last-minute, but if worse comes to worse you can always grab a handful of breakfast bars and some fruit for everyone to nibble in the car.


10 minutes to go

While the kids are eating breakfast, use these last few minutes to get your own outfit together. If you need to, throw your own toothbrush and some toothpaste into your handbag to take care of it at work. Adults are much better at getting ready on the go than potentially grumpy little ones.

Once everyone’s ready to fly – even if breakfast isn’t finished, there’s very little that can’t be taken in the car – it’s time to put on shoes and grab backpacks. Like we said earlier, ideally, everything will be laid out the night before and next to the door so that you can grab what you need and go. Hop into the car and then – you’re off!

So, how did you do? Practice makes perfect, so don’t get down if you and the kids were a little late. There’s always next time!



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  1. serenityyou
    27th June 2017 / 9:00 am

    My kids take forever in the mornings. Just has we are about to leave one of them will announce that they have lost their shoe and we spend another 10 minutes running around the house trying to find it #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Amy @ Arty apple
    27th June 2017 / 11:58 am

    Great tips! It is achievable, ha! x

  3. 27th June 2017 / 6:51 pm

    Great post – I love the idea of putting music on to get them going in the morning! #TwinklyTuesday

  4. 29th June 2017 / 7:13 am

    Some great tips! My folks would have never had thought to put on music to motivate me! #DreamTeam #TwinklyTuesday

  5. 29th June 2017 / 10:01 am

    I love a good pair of jeans, I haven’t really thought about it before but they never seem to be out of fashion, just having different styles such as baggy and skinny my legs are too thin for skinny jeans so I prefer the more traditional style #coolmumclub@_karendennis

  6. 29th June 2017 / 10:32 am

    Great post. You make it all sound so easy!! #ablogginggoodtime

  7. Rhian
    29th June 2017 / 10:50 am

    I find that I have loads of time, and then all of a sudden we’re late! How does that happen?! #ablogginggoodtime

  8. 29th June 2017 / 12:43 pm

    We’ve got three now – two in nappies – and you can guarantee one or both of them will fill theirs just before you’re about to walk out of the door! #familyfunlinky

  9. 30th June 2017 / 8:38 pm

    Music always used to help my kids get moving faster, now it just turns into a mosh pit in the living room 😂

  10. 30th June 2017 / 11:14 pm

    Oh god I do this more than I’d like too!! I love the tip to still make time for the wake up cuddle – it really does make a difference! I’m so so lucky that the kids nursery do breakfast if they need it and are also happy to brush teeth!! I thought Christmas had come when they told me that!! I’m better at getting up before them these days, but it’s invaluable on the days that I fudge the whole routine by falling back to sleep!! #BloggerClubUK

  11. twotinyhands
    1st July 2017 / 9:01 am

    We don’t have anywhere to get going to first thing so tend to lazy about most the early mornings. I’m sure when school age hits I’ll channel organised and get everything ready so we can do quick turn arounds. It’s going to be interesting!! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

  12. 2nd July 2017 / 8:36 pm

    Serious slow coaches in our house! Zach takes forever to brush his teeth and get dressed! As for eating breakfast, sometimes he wolfs it down and others he eats like a tortoise! Great post! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  13. 3rd July 2017 / 3:36 pm

    That sounds seriously impressive! It seems to take us around 2 hours at the moment haha! I’m fairly sure we will be needing to condense it considerably once the big one starts school in September though. I’ll be back to learn this post off by heart! Thanks for linking lovely x #DreamTeam

  14. 5th July 2017 / 2:49 pm

    Oh great tips! I’m not very organised on a morning I have to admit and although we usually get out on time I probably should get things ready the night before! Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst

  15. 5th July 2017 / 4:54 pm

    These are great tips – I always end up eating in the car. As long as everyone has shoes on, I consider it a win… yes I have ended up in town with the youngest shoe-less once! Thanks so much for sharing with us at #BloggerClubUK xx

  16. 5th July 2017 / 9:37 pm

    haha brilliant! I once left the house 5 minutes after waking up with make-up on and was well impressed but that was pre-child!
    thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime

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