Kids & Food – 10 Tips For Parents

Kids & Food – 10 Tips For Parents

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Generally, Parents desire all the best for their kids. They usually want to provide all their needs from a shelter, nutritious foods and quality time. How can we give our kids the best possible care? Here are 10 best parenting and food tips I have learned:


Parents influence the type of food items they give to their kids:

Parents can select the food items to buy and when to serve them to their kids. Although young children usually disturb their parents for less nourishing food items. Therefore, parents need to be responsible when selecting the type of food products they need to store inside the house. Lack of their favorite food will not make them starve. They will certainly consume what is in the kitchen or fridge at home. Assuming their preferred snack is not all that nourishing, you can actually buy it occasionally so that they will not feel denied of their favorite food.


A Kid with food allergies:

When a child with some food allergies goes to a private tuition school, parents usually worry more because they are not there to watch over the kid. However, you have to put your trust in the teachers in the school to look after their child. As parents make sure you inform the teacher about the kind of food he/she eats so as to allow your child enjoy the school. Your kid can attend any school with adequate planning and guidelines just like every other child and you do not have to stress yourself about him or her.


Allow your kids to assist in the food planning:

After the menus are out for that week, give your kids the opportunities to select the type of food the family is going to eat for the following week. This has a great influence on the type of food the kids consume.


Educate your kids on foods:

Parents should start teaching their kids on healthy eating. Furthermore, teach them the health effect of sugar and that sugar is not the only way to make your foods to be sweet.


Respect their appetites:

When your kids aren’t hungry, do not try to force them to eat. In addition, if your kids like eating too much, as a parent allow them to be aware of the consequences of eating too much and do not starve your children. Do not allow them to feel unhappy or bad for eating too much or little.


Reduce TV and computer time:

Try to reduce TV and computer time for your kids because it helps to prevent your kids from mindless snacking and encourage them to face their studies. Studies have shown that kids who reduce the level of watching TV will also reduce the level of fat in their body. When parents limit their children to computer and Television, they will look for more active things to do. And limiting “screen time” means you will have more time to be active together. You can also take your kids out for the early morning walk, go swim, ride a bike, and throw a ball.


Be a role model to your kids:

Kids usually do as you do. Try to eat healthy food and be a role model to them. You can also set a good example when trying to teach your kids good eating habits. Parents should also eat at the dining table, eat nourishing foods and do not skip your meals.


Avoid them from eating junks food:

Sodas, Pizza and Fries Young kids usually love eating junks such as sodas, fries food, and pizza. As a parent, it is usually difficult to control them from eating junks food. However, you must try your best to control the type of food they eat. You can also try to cook food at home for them instead of going to restaurants to eat during the weeks; this will prevent them from eating less nourishing food.


Food is not loved:

Parents should try to tell their kids “I love you”. However, foods are used to reward children and also show them affection. Food will also help them to cope with stress or other emotions. You can also praise them and give them attention instead of food treats.


Drink calories count:

Soda and other sweetened drinks help to add extra calories and get in the way of good nutrition. However, water and milk are the best drinks for kids. Juice is fine when it’s 100% pure, but kids don’t need much of it.



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