My Little Man Wears Glasses

My Little Man Wears Glasses

Kids seem to grow up in the blink of an eye. One minute they are tiny babies in your arms, depending on you for absolutely everything and the next minute they are (if you’re lucky) skipping off into school, happy as Larry learning something new every day. But recently my mini-me has aged two years in an instant because now, my little man wears glasses, and my goodness doesn’t he look grown up!


Headaches and eye pain

I still can’t quite believe he has them to be honest. I never needed glasses as a child, it’s only been in recent years that I have, and my husband didn’t either – again, it’s only since he’s been older that he needs them. So when my Little Man complained of headaches and that his eyes were hurting recently and the husband suggested an eye test, I really thought they would say he was fine!


Eye test

I went along with it because let’s be honest, the test is free on the NHS and it wouldn’t do any harm to rule it out. We went along and during the test, it became apparent that the little mite was struggling with his right eye with distance vision (same as his Mama!). It was late on a Saturday afternoon and the optometrist (lovely lady!) wanted to do further tests with eye drops sooner rather than later so we arranged to go back on the Monday, after school.

It’s not a fun experience going to the Opticians and getting drops put in your five-year-old’s eyes, this much I now know! But bless his heart, he was a brave soldier and it was a good job he did because, on further testing, she discovered that his right eye was quite bad. It was no wonder he was getting eye pain and headaches.


So grown up!

Surprisingly, Little Man was very excited about the prospect of getting glasses and by this point, he had already chosen which frames he wanted in anticipation that they said he would need them. Before we knew it, we were back there later that week collecting them.

“Oh my God, you’ve aged him two years!” were the words I said to the assistant in the shop as he made sure they fit him correctly. And he really did look so much older. He looks adorable don’t get me wrong, but where has my little boy gone? Who is this smart, intelligent looking young man and what has he done with my baby?!


my little man wears glasses


Mum guilt

So my little man wears glasses and I have to be honest, I struggled at first. I got home that day and watched him as he adapted to having them. He was loving it and it was great to see but all of a sudden I got really emotional. I felt guilty. Why didn’t I make him with better eyes? Did I do something wrong? Will he always have to wear them and is it my fault? Will he get picked on and will he be able to cope? All of the questions that godforsaken Mum Guilt throws up!

My husband was quick to tell me to stop being so silly. That, of course, it wasn’t my fault and that it is just one of those things and to be pleased that we had picked it up nice and early.


my little man wears glasses


I’m pretty confident that he is coping well with the glasses. He isn’t the only child in his class with them and even though the novelty is wearing off now, ever so slightly, he is still managing brilliantly with them. But I have to be honest, when he takes them off to go to bed, my heart swells at the sight of my little boy, looking like he always used to.


Proud Mama

I am so proud of the way he has dealt with it all. He could have been quite traumatised by the whole experience but he has taken it all in his stride and it just shows what a strong, brave little man he is growing into.



So, my little man wears glasses and is looking more and more grown up by the second. Just something else to deal with and accept. As if that wasn’t enough, a week later, we had the first wobbly tooth and a meltdown to follow it. But that’s a whole other blog post!

Now, where is that damn pause button to slow down this growing up business?! If anyone finds it, do let me know!



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my little man wears glasses






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  1. 30th October 2018 / 8:17 am

    what a little sweetheart. my eldest son got his first pair of glasses aged 4. its a massive change for them.

  2. 30th October 2018 / 9:36 am

    He looks gorgeous in glasses! My son wears glasses and I think he looks better in them. They are part of his character. I don’t think he worried about it at all, but then he’s the Harry Potter generation – and you don’t get much cooler than that xx #TriumphantTales

  3. 30th October 2018 / 2:47 pm

    Jaki, he is so adorable–with and without glasses! I first got glasses when I was 10 years old. I don’t know how long I had needed them before that. It was amazing–I still remember how awkward it felt walking down a couple of steps with my new vision. Then I got outside and saw that trees had individual leaves! #triumphanttales

  4. 30th October 2018 / 6:37 pm

    Do not have any type of guilt, my daughter has been wearing glasses since she was like two. The big thing is that he can see. Do you know how many kids I have taught over the years, can not see to do their work and their parents (or whoever is taking care of them) have failed to get them glasses so they can see. Kudos for you for getting them for him early. #TriumphantTales

  5. 30th October 2018 / 7:18 pm

    Why is guilt so often a part of our experience of motherhood – such a shame and ultimately a pointless emotion much like worry which we always do really well too. He looks so cute in them anyway. Funnily enough, my husband was in the UK yesterday getting two of mine sorted eye test and glasses wise. Huge relief to get it done to be honest. #Triumphanttales

  6. 31st October 2018 / 12:07 pm

    AW, he looks really grow up and the glasses suit him. I hope they help with everyday life X #triumphantales

  7. 4th November 2018 / 9:08 pm

    He really suits glasses and he does look older. Reuben went through the same – I decided to take him, not for any reason other than he was starting school and I didn’t want him to be at a disadvantage. I assumed they would say he was fine, like you it wasn’t the case and we had to go back for drops in his eyes which made me feel awful! When he was told he needed glasses, he cried until he saw BumbleBee ones and he was happy. I think my hubby felt a little like you did too. #TriumphantTales

  8. 5th November 2018 / 8:35 am

    He looks cute with his glasses #TriumphantTales

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