Hello. Remember me…?

Hello. Remember me…?

Before I could post this blog I had to dust it off and clean it up. It’s been that neglected I think it thought it was never going to see the light of day again. Two months without blogging? Not exactly the way to keep followers. But alas, sometimes life takes over and other things take priority.

Anyhow. Since I last checked in with you all, quite a lot has happened. We’ve had our first holiday abroad as a little family, I’ve started a new job and am now a part time working Mummy. My little boy who was then eight months old is now seven weeks away for his first birthday and I’m here wondering where on earth the last twelve months have gone!

It’s been a tough few weeks. The end of my Maternity leave hit me really hard. At times I thought I was never going to feel anything but unhappy. Leaving Ethan was heartbreaking and tore me apart but then I knew that I had to start thinking differently. I realised that I was lucky that I get to spend the mornings with my precious boy. Some Mums have to work all day, everyday. I just have to pop out for a few hours in the afternoon to earn a few pennies for us. That’s the way I look at it anyway. It’s the way I’ve handled a very hard situation. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with and wasn’t expecting what a big thing it would be. But… time heals and it does get a little easier each week. And that smile at the end of the day is the perfect thing to come home to 🙂

Our holiday to Portugal was fantastic. Ethan went away with one tooth and came home with two. He slept through the landing on the way and slept through take off on the way home – this being the baby who until then wouldn’t settle to sleep on anyone since about the age of four months! He was so perfectly behaved the whole time and I think like his Mummy, he could quite easily become accustomed to the sunshine life. We didn’t want it to end. But then who does?

We had a tough week last week with him being poorly. At first I put it down to teething. He was off his food, he was grizzly, he had a dreadful barking cough develop and was just altogether unhappy. That made leaving him for work even harder. I just wanted to be with him all the time. He was so clingy too. He just wanted his Mummy. After two trips to the doctor we finally got a diagnosis of Croup. We took the advice of the doctor and after a couple of nights of steamy bath times and Vicks in hot water while he slept he has picked up and is back on his food, sleeping better and a much more smilier baby. Needless to say I’m a much happier Mummy. My boy has his smiles back and so have I.

So now we’re planning towards his first birthday and his second Christmas. But first proper one, if you know what I mean! It’s so exciting. Birthday party planning is imminent and then it will be the countdown to Christmas. I missed that last year being so heavily pregnant so this year I have some making up to do.

I’m hoping my blogs full of opinions will return soon. I miss writing and do hope to carry on from where I left off, writing about things that enrage me or make me happy. I’ve never been a regular ‘must post three times a week’ kind of a blogger. I write when I really feel the urge. I just hope you stick with me.

This has been tapped out on my iPhone whilst lay on my bed watching TV, so it’s nothing too taxing. But it’s nice to get something out there again.

How did you guys cope with first holidays abroad and going back to work after Maternity Leave? I’d love to know. Please feel free to post in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.




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