Run Robert, Run Robert, Run Run Run…

Run Robert, Run Robert, Run Run Run…

A few years ago my Mr gave up smoking and started running. 'Another phase' I thought to myself. 'He'll never stick at it' I whinged. Well, the clever sod only went and proved me wrong didn't he?! Three years down the line and he's still at it. In that three years he's taken part in several 10km runs, two Silverstone Half Marathons and in 2012 got his best half marathon time in the Great North Run – the hardest half marathon in the UK. Show off.

I jest, but I'm incredibly proud.

A few of these were done for training purposes and a few were to raise money for charity. I guess this is where this blog comes in.

On 2nd March this year, Mr J will be donning his sexy lyra shorts and taking part in 2014's Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon. Except this year he's doing it for a very special reason and emotions will be high. Of this I have no doubt.

In 2012, three months before the birth of our beautiful boy. Our family lost someone very special. We'll call him Uncle J. He was Rob's Great Uncle J and he was extremely close to him.

Uncle J had cancer.

He was diagnosed with lung cancer and underwent courses in both Chemo and Radiotherapy. Things were looking up and there was hope that he would get better, but then they discovered that it had spread to his brain and we were told that he didn't have much longer with us. Uncle J wanted to be cared for at home. It was his wish. And he was. For as long as it was possible.

Uncle J had a stroke one night and we were told that it wasn't likely he would see another night. He was so poorly.

So that he could have the best care and attention he so deserved at the end of his life, arrangements were made for him to be moved to a Sue Ryder hospice. The particular hospice that he was moved to was Leckhampton Court near Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. The kindness of the staff at that hospice were second to none. What wonderful people they are that work there.

Thankfully, because of their care and attention, that one last night turned into several more and we kept Uncle J for another week.

He died peacefully at the Sue Ryder hospice with his close family around him. We have no doubts that he could not have had a better last few days than he had in this hospice and it's all down to the amazing work that the staff do there, and the charity as a whole.

So you see this is where Mr J comes in with his long runners legs and sexy lycra shorts. He's running this half marathon to raise money for them. For the charity that did all they could to help when it really mattered. It's time to give something back. Time to say thank you and help another family like ours, when they really need it.

So you can get involved too and you don't even need to run! I breathed a sigh of relief when I found that out, I can tell you.

Mr J has set up a fundraising page over on guess2give.com and it works by you paying the small sum of £3 for one guess. You tell us how fast you think he will finish the half marathon. It's that simple. Of the £3, £2.50 goes to the Sue Ryder charity and 50p will go into a prize fund pot. At the end of the fundraising, whoever guesses closest to the time, wins the prize fund. The more he raises the more you could win. Simple! Just click on the link above!

Alternatively, he has another fundraising page over http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/RobertJelley. Here you can donate as much or as little as you like, without taking part in the sweepstake.

My Mr trains really hard in all weathers for these events and both he and I would so very much appreciate it if you could spare just a small amount to help us say thank you. I know times are hard, believe me, I do, and it seems like there is always a charity somewhere begging for some kind of donation so I understand if it's not possible at this moment in time, but thank you for reading anyway.

You can see the work that Sue Ryder do by checking out their website at www.sueryder.org

Thank you for your time.



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