No one warns you and nothing can prepare you for what I can only describe as the intensity of Motherhood. I say Motherhood of course as I have no experience of Fatherhood. So if you are a Father, forgive me for using just this term. It’s the only experience I have. From the moment they are born you are the centre of their world. You are there to feed them. You are there to change them. You are there to cuddle them when they need comfort. You are there. Just for them. And so it goes for the next few… View Post

Have you ever been in that situation where your kid is happily enjoying their special screen time treat, watching their favourite nursery rhymes on Kids YouTube or playing their favourite game that requires an internet connection, when BAM, all of a sudden, your router plays up, the kid has a melt down and insists on screaming ‘MUMMY WHY WON’T IT WORK?!’ whilst tapping away so crazily hard at the screen of your tablet, that you fear it won’t survive the day?! Well, look no further because – THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT! KidloLand is an app for toddlers and pre-schoolers… View Post

I’m secretly pleased I’ve been tagged to do this one. It’s been a while since my last ‘tagged’ post and I love reading other bloggers answers to this one and now I finally get to do it! Thank you to the lovely Sarah from Run Jump Scrap! for nominating me! Without further ado. Here goes… 1. Are you a Stay at Home Mum or a Working Mum? I’m both. I work part time which consists of 9.30am until 1pm, Monday to Friday. My afternoons and weekends are spent with the little fella. 2. Would you have it any other way? If you’d have… View Post

When you arrived at this post you were likely to be one of two types of people. One, who like me, had heard of Floatation Therapy but wasn’t sure what it was all about or, you have no clue what I’m talking about. Floatation Therapy isn’t widely available in this country, however it is becoming more and more popular. It involves ‘floating’ in a large ‘bath’ of water containing Epsom salts. What’s that good for? I hear you ask. Let me enlighten you a little. Floating has been researched and proven to be great for the following: stress, PTSD, depression,… View Post

It had been ages since the husband and I had had a night out on our own. Even longer since we had had a night away from the little man. Two years to be precise. Seven hundred and thirty nights. Seven hundred and thirty nights of bedtime routines and goodnight kisses and seven hundred and thirty one good morning bundles from our mini human. We’d been invited to my Sister’s for the evening with the opportunity to stay over so we could enjoy a few rare drinks without one of us having to drive. We wanted Ethan to experience a… View Post

Hello and welcome to another guest blog. This week we are looking at children and healthy eating. This post has been written especially for my blog by Alyshia Venus. Alyshia Venus is a food blogger and mum. She is dedicated to promoting healthy living and encouraging parents to make sure their children eat a balanced diet. In her spare time she loves to visit great restaurants and try new cuisines and flavors.   All parents want the best for their children and for them to grow up healthy. Yet one area that a lot of parents find hard to get right… View Post

On Saturday, 27th August I had a very excited little boy on my hands. He got to meet that children’s legend that is Little Grey Fergie. For any of you that live under a bush or don’t have children that find these bizarre creations on You Tube, Little Grey Fergie is a TV show about a tractor that drives around on his own without a driver. He’s magic. It also has an extremely irritating theme tune, but that seems statutory for children’s programmes, so it seems. Anyhow, I’ve totally digressed. We live in Warwickshire, which has its major advantages. We… View Post

I can remember when my husband and I first started dating. Way back when. You know what it’s like, you get each other’s numbers, you start texting each other and if you’re anything like we were, texts go flying backwards and forwards like crazy and it goes on like that for a while. Then one day, out of the blue, he rang me. I won’t lie, I went into a panic. I was like “Oh my God, he’s RINGING me?!” It’s safe to say that from that moment on, I realised that I was 100% a texter and not a… View Post

For the first time in two months, it dawned on me. I haven’t got my posts scheduled for two weeks in advance. It sent me into a bit of a mild panic. For the last few weeks I have been super organised and have felt so much more ‘at ease’ with the blogging lifestyle, upkeep and pretty much the entire process. I started to think about what has changed for me to find myself in this mini predicament and then I realised – I’ve been doing so much more than just blogging lately. Not only have I been trying to… View Post