I wasn’t sure which way I was going to head with this week’s Wednesday Wisdom. There hadn’t been anything spectacular that had enthralled me or rattled my cage that had inspired me. Until today. Today I was linking up to my favourite linky’s and working my way through the fabulous posts on offer when I came to one that really… View Post

It’s been mentioned on this blog before in various posts that I had never been the maternal type. Growing up I was always the youngest and I never really had much to do with children younger than me and had never really given parenting in my future a second thought. I rarely held a baby and when I did I… View Post

Blogging can be such therapy. I am glad I have it to document the highs and lows of family life. It feels like 2017 is time to step up my blogging game, though. I would love to work with some new brands this year and achieve a few more of my blogging goals. As I have been reflecting back on… View Post

So. If you’re a follower of this here blog you will know that regularly over the last few months I have hosted guest posts from other bloggers as a chance to use my blog as a platform to share their posts. It has been really popular. I had a little break from doing this but now that we are in… View Post

Sometimes it’s a bit depressing living in the Midlands. I live on the Warwickshire and Gloucestershire border, a stone’s throw from Stratford Upon Avon, which is the furthest away from a beach you can be in the UK. Yay. Or not. But whilst we may have to drive for a couple of hours and a fair few miles before we… View Post

This is a bit of a special Wednesday Wisdom this week. Not only is the quote I’ve chosen bloody lovely, but it’s become really very special in our house over the last couple of weeks. During the first few minutes of 2017, the words ‘I love my life’ were sang by us as a family. Little did we know that… View Post

The problem Do you ever irritate yourself? Like REALLY irritate yourself? I do. All the bloody time. There are many reasons I get annoyed with myself. From saying ‘yes’ when I really want to say ‘no’ (I’m sure I’m not alone there!), and to being so ridiculously indecisive (why can’t decisions be easy to make?!). But what really gets on… View Post

As I find myself easing my way back into blogging nice and gently now the New Year is here, I was delighted to be tagged in Laura’s ‘(Not Big Or Fat) Quiz Of The Year’ post. Laura blogs over at Wafflemama and you should all check her out because she’s fabulous. She also runs a lovely little linky on a… View Post

So go on then. How many New Years Resolutions have you made? How many have you broken yet? Or are you like me and just don’t bother? I do believe, as mentioned in my first post of the New Year, that a brand new year is great for making a fresh start but I have to say I’m not a… View Post

Hello 2017 So here we are. My first blog post of 2017 and uncannily it’s all about the notorious 2016. I’ve had over a week off blogging during the Christmas period and it was a welcome break. This first post is being draft written on my iPhone as I still can’t bring myself to dig out the laptop as I… View Post

It’s safe to say that I’ve worked exceedingly hard on this blog over the last eight months and I’m extremely proud of how well I’ve done. I’ve built it up from nothing to quite a good following and I’ve made some great online friends as a result. You all know who you are. We are now just a few days… View Post