It’s nearly here people. Just a couple more weeks and the big build up will be almost over and Christmas will be on the doorstep. Now it’s December I now think it’s perfectly acceptable to dust the cobwebs off the Christmas songs and play them at full pelt! It always gets me excited for the coming festivities and with them… View Post

The labels ‘Yummy Mummy’ and ‘Slummy Mummy’. Two phrases that relate to appearance, that are not at all unfamiliar in this day and age. I say ‘phrase’ but I think what they really are, are ‘labels’. Over the past couple of years, since being a Mum myself, I’ve come across discussions and conversations, in particular, about Mum’s on the school… View Post

Whether it’s a birthday party you’re planning, or a wedding, or any other kind of event where you need a professional, it can be a bit of a pain in the bum when you have to spend your time searching the internet for companies, getting in touch with them, finding how much they will cost and so on and so… View Post

Is there a nicer feeling than to feel valued? Is there anything nicer than getting up in the morning knowing that wherever you may be going that day, that someone will appreciate you? Someone will be pleased to see you? Pleased to spend time with you? Pleased to work with you, or pleased that you work for them? As previously… View Post

Me? Write a Gift Guide? Are you kidding?! This is so out of character it’s ridiculous. I am normally so unorganised with Christmas presents, writing a gift guide would most definitely not work. However this year, a Christmas miracle seems to have happened. As I sit here, on the last Sunday in November, I can happily say that I have… View Post

One sunny morning last month, with rain forecast for later that day, we decided to take the little man to a nice local tourist hotspot in our hometown of Stratford Upon Avon. I hadn’t been to the Butterfly Farm for many years and as Ethan is currently going through a ‘bug loving’ phase, also involving all things ‘creature-like’, we thought… View Post

First of all I must apologise for not posting a Wednesday Wisdom blog post last week. I replaced it with an article that wasn’t planned, but was one that I am so pleased I wrote. If you’ve not yet read it, pop along and have a read – What I’ve Learnt Since Becoming a Huff Post Blogger. While you’re there… View Post

Everybody knows that music is good for the soul. Music is my ‘go to’ when feeling a bit down in the dumps. It can be an instant ‘pick me up’ when I’m feeling that things are getting on top of me. It’s my happy place. I’m never happier than when I’ve got the volume turned up loud. So this post… View Post

Here on this blog we’ve talked pretty dresses, engagement rings, exotic holidays. How better than to tie them all together and have a look at why beach weddings are becoming popular? This post might be helpful to you if you are wondering if a destination beach wedding is for you. Most couples ponder the question at some point during the… View Post