Can I Get Lip Fillers If…?

Can I Get Lip Fillers If…?

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One of the most common questions we get asked at True Face is ‘Can I get lip fillers if…’.

There is a multitude of ways to finish that sentence, whether relating to age, to medical history or something else. We want to answer a few of the most commonly asked queries here so that you can be more confident about whether lip fillers are right for you.


…I’m only 16

In the UK, lip fillers are legally allowed to be administered to anyone aged 16 or over. So, in theory, you can get lip fillers at 16. However, here at True Face, we would need to be very confident that you understood the procedure and had thought it through properly if you are under 18.

For the most part, we don’t recommend any cosmetic treatments until you are at least 18, because your body is still changing as you grow. However, we treat each client on a case by case basis, so if you want lip injections at 16 years old, talk to us and we’ll see what we recommend.


…I’m only 14

Can you get lip injections at 14? You probably can somewhere, because there are many less than professional clinics out there who wouldn’t care as long as you were paying them. However, lip injections at 14 are not legal in the UK, and we would never allow someone to have lip fillers at 14 here at True Face.

Any clinic who would allow you to have lip fillers at 14 is probably not a clinic you should be trusting with these types of procedures at all.


…I’m taking antibiotics?

Most antibiotics will not affect your lip filler treatment. However, it’s important to disclose to your doctor any medication you are taking, including antibiotics, so we can make an assessment before you start treatment.

As most antibiotics are short-term medicines, we would usually wait until you are back to full health before scheduling your procedure.


…. I’m pregnant?

Although there are no definitive risks to having lip fillers while pregnant, we would not recommend having them done. There is a lack of studies to prove that lip fillers are safe while pregnant, and without medical evidence, we would not wish to place any risk on your unborn baby.

However, while you are pregnant, its common to get a volume boost to your lips anyway. Check out Kim K and Beyoncé’s ‘pregnancy lips’ on Instagram. The additional fluid in your body can cause swelling, which often translates to plump, beautiful lips. It would be very hard to judge the amount of augmentation required while they were naturally fuller than usual anyway.


…I’m breastfeeding?

Similarly to pregnancy, although there is no specific evidence that lip fillers while breastfeeding could be risky, there are no medical studies to prove that they aren’t either. As such, we would never recommend a cosmetic procedure while you are nursing a baby.


…I wear braces?

There’s no reason you can’t have lip fillers while wearing braces. The position of the braces shouldn’t interfere with your lips, so there is no reason not to have your top up or first treatment if you’re undergoing orthodontics.

The only downside is that, because braces often push the lips out unnaturally when you have them removed your lips may look slightly smaller. However, if this happens to you, we can simply give you a small top up to restore your plump and beautiful lips.


…I have (or suffer from) cold sores

If you are prone to herpes simplex, also known as cold sores, your practitioner will discuss the risks with you. Sometimes causing trauma to the mouth can cause a flare-up of your condition, which is something to take into account while you’re weighing up your options.

Having said this, we’ve treated many HSV positive clients and the outcomes have been beautiful, with no flare-up caused. We will sometimes recommend starting an antiviral medicine a day or two before treatment but can discuss this with you in more detail at your consultation.

If you currently have an active cold sore, we would normally postpone treatment until the issue is resolved. Treating you with lip fillers while you have an active cold sore risk spreading the virus and getting a worse infection.


…I have a scar?

Lip scars are fairly common, often as a result of a childhood accident. As long as the scar has healed normally, there is usually no impact on the results of your lip filer procedure. In some cases, we can even use HA fillers to diminish any depression caused by the scarring, making it less obvious and improving the appearance of your lips.

If your scar has healed badly and is hard, there could be some consequences for your lip filler procedure. However, with professional attention from our expert practitioners, you could enjoy a much-improved appearance and a softened scar.

We would be able to tell you more about this at a consultation, once we have seen your scar in person and been able to judge its impact.


…I’m ill or taking medication?

If you’re sick when you’re due a lip filler treatment, we recommend postponing your appointment until you feel better. Most common illnesses such as colds and flu will not be impacted by your lip filler treatment, but you may find you’re more sensitive as a result of the bug.  We want you to enjoy your treatment, so would recommend putting it off until you’ve recovered.

In terms of medication, most medicines are fine to take alongside lip augmentation treatments. However, we would need to discuss your medicines with you and to check for any contra-indications before you could have the treatment. Always fully disclose any medicines or medical issues you may have so we can keep you safe.


…something else?

If you have any other questions or concerns about whether our lip filler procedure is right for you, we’re always happy to help. You can give us a call or send us a message, and we’ll do our best to answer all your queries.

Even better, why not book in for a free consultation so we can chat face to face? We’d love to meet you and to offer one on one advice regarding this treatment, and you’ll get to see our state of the art clinic too! Get in touch today and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon.




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