8 Tips for Making a Safe Trip to New Zealand

8 Tips for Making a Safe Trip to New Zealand

Travelling to New Zealand is a dream vacation for many. Most people who are interested in travel probably only get to enjoy it from the armchair through travel videos or the internet. Those that do actually get to travel there bring back exciting reports, spectacular pictures or videos, or unusual souvenirs exclusive only to New Zealand.


Unfortunately, some bring back bad reports too. Of course, that can happen anywhere in the world. Still, each destination has its own challenges. But the biggest concern we will address here is safety. The eight tips that will be highlighted here will help your trip to New Zealand to be a safe one. Here are the eight tips, and then we will break them down, one by one:


  1. Rest
  2. Be Alert
  3. Carry Yourself Well
  4. Safety In Numbers
  5. Secure Your Valuables
  6. Lock Up
  7. Good Planning
  8. Obey The Speed Limit


  1. Rest

Get some sleep on the flight. When you get checked in, get cleaned up and go to bed. How does this relate to safety?


When you are rested, you will enjoy your tourist activity much more. Plus, sufficient rest will help you to…


  1. Be Alert

The more alert you are, the better you can respond to the unexpected. Some have even benefited from a little preparation, rehearsing possible scenarios they could encounter as well.


  1. Carry Yourself Well

This goes two ways. One, be friendly to the locals. New Zealanders have been known to be a bit shy, but respond favourably to a hello and a wave. Two, muggers target people who appear to lack confidence. Do the opposite. Be confident. Walk tall.


  1. Safety In Numbers

Walking alone, especially at night, may set you up as a target for muggers or other criminals. If you absolutely have to go somewhere at night, try to go with one or more persons.


  1. Secure Your Valuables

The absolute best thing you can do with your valuables is to not leave them in sight where a thief could be tempted to take them. So if it’s safer to take them with you, do so.


  1. Lock up

If you absolutely have to leave valuables in the car, by all means, lock it up. It may not absolutely guarantee that it won’t be broken into, but the thief will have to work harder and longer to get in.


Above all, always make sure your hotel room is locked both when you’re gone, and while you’re there.


  1. Good Planning

You may participate in activities like very long hike excursions during your stay. Some have gotten lost, suffered from hunger or dehydration, and sadly, some never made it back.


So make sure you know how rigorous your hike is. Bring a map, compass, and plenty of food and water. That way, if you do get lost, you stand a good chance of surviving the experience.


  1. Obey the Speed Limit

Speed limits are strictly enforced, so don’t think you can flaunt them and then weasel out of getting a ticket. Some officers won’t sweat a few mph over, but in general, don’t speed.


So if you are travelling to New Zealand in the near future, take these tips to heart. They could help you enjoy your experience so much more – and keep you alive too!



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