To blog or not to blog, that is the question…

The trouble with blogging, I find, is the overwhelming desire to use it like a diary. The need to write it all down and share it. The urge to vent it out and make your point. The only problem with that, is that diaries are generally very private. Diaries are for putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboards and letting it all out, knowing that it’s okay to do that because no one will ever know what you’re saying, or thinking. And if they do find out, its because they’ve invaded your privacy and well if what they read upsets them, then it’s their fault. Right?

So, you see my dilemma. Every now and again when I get really wound up or pissed off, I have this urge to tell everyone by writing a blog post. I really have to stop myself because if I accidentally hit ‘publish’, the consequences of my actions would be horrendous. Believe me.

Sometimes, even though I hate to admit it, it’s better to keep your mouth shut. Silence is golden. Apparently. I like to think that I’m storing it all up for use as ammunition at a later date. My time will come.

Maybe the answer to my problem is that I need to start keeping a diary. Who knows I may even stumble across blog worthy entries by doing this. At least in a diary the ‘publish’ button doesn’t loom over you looking oh so invitingly attractive.

When mentioning on Facebook earlier that there were so many blogs I’d like to to write but that it’s not worth the shit I’d get into, quite a few people were encouraging. I don’t blame them. I love to read a rant too and have a guess at who it might be about. Maybe one day I’ll be brave and go for it, but for the time being, be reassured that for the moment I’m storing it all up for a mighty good read. Whether that’s for you here in my little corner of the internet, or me in a few years time in the form of a leather bound scribbled in book, only time will tell…



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