Tips for a Girl’s Night in London

Tips for a Girl’s Night in London


There’s nothing like spending some quality time with your girlfriends and London offers the perfect place to do so! The city boasts absolutely hundreds of great places to go for a fabulous girl’s night out – from cocktail bars to clubs, there’s something for everyone.


However, if you are going to visit the city, it’s best to do so prepared. Follow our top tips for a girl’s night in London and you can’t go wrong. From evening to early morning, we’ve got you covered.


Book Ahead

Unless you live in London already, we cannot stress how much easier it makes things if you book your travel and accommodation ahead of time. Not only can it work out much cheaper, but it also allows you plan everything else around what time you arrive and when you need to check out.


Aside from travel and accommodation, we’d also recommend making restaurant and bar reservations too. London is the busiest place in the UK and, chances are, you’ll be wanting to go to some pretty popular places.


Reservations allow you to be able to chill out a little more and really make the most of your night out!


Research, Research, Research

If you’re not from London, then the size of the city can see a little daunting at first. What’s more, with new bars and clubs popping up every week, choosing where to go is no mean feat.


This is why doing your research is always important! To make sure you’re going to somewhere you know you’ll love, check out personal reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor.


You could also go one step further and check out where your favourite bloggers and celebs go in the city by visiting their Instagram pages.


Location tags on Instagram are super useful for finding great places to go, as you can see other people’s photos and work out if there’s a good place for you and your girls to get a picture together too.


App Up

One of the best things you can do to ensure your girls night goes smoothly is to arm yourself with plenty of apps. Nowadays there’s an app for everything and there’s nowhere where that’s truer than London.


Make sure you’ve downloaded travel apps such as City Mapper and Uber before your night gets underway. You can also download the Transport for London app if you’re going to get the tube at some point.


Aside from travel, it’s also good to think about which other apps you might need. Photo editing apps such as HUJI will allow you to make sure you take great photos on the night, whilst food-delivery apps such as Deliveroo will be invaluable when you’re all feeling a little worse for wear in the morning.


Chill Out

Last, but by no means least, the biggest tip we can give you is to relax and chill out. Nothing ruins a great night out more than a party-pooper or someone getting stressed.


Follow all of the tips we’ve mentioned above and your night should go off with a bang. This allows you to sit back and enjoy it to its fullest potential, with no one worrying where to go next or how to get home.




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